Monday, August 10, 2009

China Glaze Cords

Cords is from the Retro Diva Collection. I never wore colours like this, but when I saw this one on ALU and Scrangie I had to try it. Glad I did, because I actually like it very much. This is two coats. I had no aplication problems.
Cords patří do kolekce Retro Diva. Dřív jsem podobný barvy nikdy neměla, ale když jsem ho viděla na ALU a u Scrangie, tak jsem to riskla. Teď jsem moc ráda, že jsem tak udělala, protože vypadá opravdu moc hezky. Na fotce dvě vrstvy, bezproblémově se nanášel.

shade / stín

sunlight / na slunci


  1. This is a pretty shade. I like it. I haven't seen much of this collection swatched. Then again I am very behind in my blog reading. Your nails look really lovely in this shade.

  2. Thank you Lucy, this shade is really great!

  3. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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