Wednesday, August 5, 2009

China Glaze Don´t touch my tiara

Last days I fell in love with hot pink colours, they are just so great for summer! This one is beautiful. I just can ´t wear it because even three coats are not opaque. What a shame :(

V poslední době jsme se zamilovala do růžové, která se k létu tak hodí! Tahle je dokonalá. Nemůžu ji ale nosit, protože ani tři vrstvy nestačí na plné krytí. Jaká škoda :(


  1. I think this polish looks beautiful on you. How about putting on a layer of white polish first. Then do the rest of your polish. Maybe that will help.

  2. I don´t have a white polish, but I will try to find something under. It really is a very nice shade.

  3. Obviously a very late comment, but I'd suggest putting a coat of a similar shade of pink as the base. :) The overall tone might be a little different but it'll have much more impact!


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