Saturday, August 29, 2009

Color Club Catwalk Queen

As I said...dark purple is so much better for me. So here I come with Catwalk Queen which is from the Catwalk Queen Collection. It is a dark purple base with pink shimmer. I have two coats.
Jak jsem řekla, tmavě fialová je pro mě mnohem lepší, takže dneska mám na sobě Catwalk Queen, ze stejnojmenné kolekce. Základ je tmavě fialový s jemnými odlesky dorůžova. Tohle jsou dvě vrstvy.

+ Essie Matte About you:


  1. Such a pretty, deep shade of purple. I love Color Clubs, they apply so well. And the matte looks fantastic on this shade!

  2. Mary: Color Club is one of my favourites, too bad I can´t get it here :( I so much need their new fall collection :(

  3. I love that purple both ways; I can't decide if I like it better matte or shiny!

  4. gildedangel: I was walking around the house with one hand matte and one shiny :) couldn´t choose what I liked more.

  5. I love this color matted. Looks gorgeous on you. I don't think I have this polish. I have to get it. Love the color.

  6. Lucy: yeah, these dark purple look so great with a matte top coat! I will wear them all fall.


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