Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Maybelline Mirror Image Set

I have mixed feelings with this product. It had terrible aplication but the efect is great! This is a two step polish. First you apply a base coat and then the silver polish. Myabe I had such problems with it because I didn´t use their base coat, but Essie that I have. Anyway this thing has a huge brush! I mean really big. Then it dries very fast, like mattes. It is opaque in one coat but very uneven, so you have to do three coats. But the result is worth all this. You get little mirrors on your fingers :) It even shines in the dark. I think it´s the most shiny silver polish out there. Or do you have a better idea? Tell me :)

Z tohodle laku mám trošku smíšené pocity. Nanášení nebylo zrovna jednoduché, ale výsledný efekt je úžasný! Tenhle lak je dvoufázový. Nejdříve naneseme podkladový lak a pak ten stříbrný. Je možné, že jsem měla takové problémy s nanášením, protože jsem použila Essie podklad. Tenhle lak má hodně velký šteteček a velmi rychle schne, což aplikaci dost znesnadňuje. Lak je krycí hned v první vrstvě, bohužel ale hodně nerovnoměrně, takže se musí nanést vrstvy tři. Výsledek ale stojí za to, je to jako mít malá zrcadélka na každém prstě :) Dokonce i ve tmě je vidět. Myslím, že je to nejvýraznější stříbrný lak na trhu nebo máte jiné návrhy? Sem s nimi :)

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  1. Greetings to you -I have been wearing this product for years, as a matter of fact, it is the only color I wear. Maybelline no longer carries this item and I found about 12 of them at our local discount store and a few more in the dollar store thereafter(some years ago). Now the only place you may can get it is on ebay from someone in the UK. I must say that it is the BEST chrome silver metallic look out there WITHOUT the sparkles. I have tried China Glaze (millenium) and Stargazer (Silver 232) But nothing and I mean nothing compares to the finish of this item. I get so many compliments it is crazy. I am running low on my last one and desperately need to somehow get another one. I have spent over $20.00 for this item now, that was once in the dollar store. Yes, you will need more than one coat and the longevity of this item is about a day or two the most before it start chipping. But for that one day you get nothing but compliments!!!!


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