Thursday, August 27, 2009

OPI Designer Series Extravagance

My one and only DS OPI. I really like this shade, it is so rich and all the glitter! I had no application problems, this is two coats. Obviously I put Essie Matte about you before I took it off, but this time I didn ´t like the effect. This one is made to shine and sparkle!
Můj jediný DS OPI. Tento odstín se mi opravdu moc líbí, je nádherně sytý a krásně se třpytí. S nanášením nebyly vůbec žádné problémy, na fotkách jsou dvě vrtsvy. Než jsem jej odlakovala, tak jsem ho jako vždy zkusila zmatnit. Výsledek se mi ale moc nelíbí. Tenhle lak byl stvořen, aby zářil!

+ Essie Matte About You


  1. I agree I don't like it matte, it is a gorgeous color though.

  2. i adore your nails!! love this color :)

  3. gildedangel: I had to try it, but it was really ugly :)

    kelliegonzo: thank you!

  4. I love the DS series. Wish I had them all. I think some have been discontinued. I like this polish matted. It gives it an interesting effect.


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