Saturday, September 12, 2009

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic + Konad

Before I took Rodeo Fanatic off, I thought I would try stamping it. I chose China Glaze Devotion and plate M57. To be honest, I don´t like the result very much, I think it is just too much. Maybe just on one finger. But I will show you anyway:

Než jsem si odlakovala Rodeo Fanatic, napadlo mě ho ještě porazítkovat. Použila jsem China Glaze Devotion a vzor z destičky M57. Výsledek se mi moc nelíbí, myslím, že už je to trošku moc překombinované. Možná na jednom prstu...Stejně vám to ale ukážu:


  1. I like this look. It is a very busy manicure if your not used to it. I think your nails look lovely. Rodeo Fanatic is a gorgeous color.

  2. You picked a great Konad, this is so pretty!

  3. Alice: I know you do, you are a Konad lover :)

    rijaH: thank you, I wasn´t sure about it.

    Lucy: yes, I am not used to this much nail art. I suck :D

    gildedangel: thank you sweetie!

  4. Very pretty! Silver and blue are a nice combo. :)

  5. nice color combo..pretty in silver & blue...

  6. awesomevegan, thriszha: thank you so much :)


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