Saturday, September 12, 2009

Color Club Black

Such a simple name for something so hard to find. I have been searching for the perfect black a long time. This one is absolutely perfect. You get the quality of Color Club for a great price. This black is totally opaque in just one coat and it is very easy to work with. You can use it for Konad. I bought their special polish in black, but don´t really need it. It is also great as a base for layering. I love it!!!!

Jednoduchý název pro něco, co se ne zrovna jednoduše hledá. Já jsem dokonalý černý lak hledala docela dlouho a tenhle je naprosto dokonalý. Kvalita značky Color Club za skvělou cenu. Tahle barvička je plně krycí hned v první vrstvě a nanášení je naprosto bez problémů. Dá se použít i na Konad razítkování. Já si sice koupila jejich speciální černý lak, ale vůbec ho nevyužiju. Dá se taky použít jako základní lak na vrstvení. Miluju ho!!!


  1. I just love a good black polish. I just got a black in the Color Club Halloween mini set. I believe black is a classic manicure color like red. Your nails look lovely in this black.

  2. A good flat black is a must in every nail polish collection; I love this one!

  3. Oh, sweet! I just tried out the mini bottle in the same set as Lucy. I quite loved it, I'll be buying the full sized bottle - your nails look great with this on!

  4. definitely a must have :) i love love love love love your nails. i'm starting to sound like a broken record on your comments. i actually find it really hard to like nails filed in the oval shape, but yours are perfect!

  5. Lucy: I am curious about that black from the set :)

    gildedangel: my words. Black is a must have!

    Nicole: do you think it is the same black? That would be great to have it in a mini version :)

    kelliegonzo: actually it is really nice to read it, so don´t stop. I must admit that I have never filed my nails into a different shape. Actually I don´t file my nails :D I don´t know how to. Pssst, don´t tell anyone!

  6. It looks like the perfect black! I want so many Color Club polishes. :)


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