Monday, September 28, 2009

Color Club Wild And Willing

This is awesome, it is like autumn leaves! I put two coats of Wild and Willing on one coat of Color Club Black and the effect is really amazing. I can imagine myself wearing this polish the whole autumn without being bored. You get a different color with every change of angle. Love it!

Tenhle lak je nádherný, vypadá jak podzimní listí! Dala jsem dvě vrstvy Wild and Willing na jednu Color Club Black a výsledný efekt je opravdu úžasný. Klidně bych tenhle láček nosila celý podzim a nebyla by to nuda. Hází různé odlesky podle toho z jakého úhlu se na něj koukáte. Dokonalost!


  1. That is beautiful! It reminds me of leaves too!

  2. How could you get bored with that, I agree! It's a stunning fall color and I'm so glad I snagged this one too!

  3. Well, now I am even more happy that I have this cute baby on its way to me. Cannot wait!

  4. Lovely! Wild and Willing is the perfect shade to wear in the autumn woods.

  5. KONADomania: stunning isn´t it?

    gildeangel: it really looks like leaves.

    Nicole: I am also glad, I wasn´t sure when I buyed it, but nox I am 100% positive.

    Yarisse: that is great! Can´t wait to see it on you.

    paintedladyfingers: it sure is :)


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