Saturday, September 26, 2009

Color Club Wild At Heart Video

I made a short video showing this fabulous collection. Hope it helps :)

Natočila jsem krátké video téhle úžasné kolekce. Doufám, že to pomůže s případným výběrem :)
1. Love 'Em Leave 'Em
2. Wild and Willing
3. On the Wild Side
4. Rule Breaker
5. Wild At Heart
6. With Abandon


  1. ooooh! I must have that purple :)

  2. oh, i'd love to have the purple and the black-greyish one

  3. Looks so great ;D Love the purple! :D

  4. Nixxy: the purple is the best piece of the whole collection :)

    Polished Museaholic: I will have the grey swatched tommorow :)

    rijaH: me too!


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