Monday, September 7, 2009

Golden Rose 136

This is my only polish from Golden Rose and I don´t know much about the brand. Their polishes are very cheap (2 dollars, OPI costs 17 dollars here!) and they have quite a wide variety of colors. I have to say, that I don´t like when polishes don´t have names, just numbers (same as Versace). 136 is a nice metallic purple. I didn´t like the brush and it was hard to work with. I had some serious brush strokes with the first coat, the second was a bit more even. After a few hours tipwear was visible. Guess I will stick with my favourite Color Club, China Glaze etc.

Toto je jediný lak, který od Golden Rose mám a o firmě toho ani moc nevím. Jejich laky jsou levné (40-50Kč) a mají docela širokou škálu odstínů. Osobně nemám moc ráda, když odstíny mají jen čísla a žádné názvy (jako třeba i u Versace). 136 je hezká metalická fialka. Se štětečkem se mi špatně pracovalo, nevyhovoval mi jeho tvar. Možná i to způsobilo, že v první vrstvě byly hodně vidět tahy, ve druhé už se to srovnalo. Už po několika hodinách jsem měla trochu oprýskané špičky. Asi zůstanu u svých osvědčených značek jako Color Club a China Glaze atd.


  1. That's a gorgeous shade on you and athough you say you had trouble with the application, the pictures show it to look so smooth, no streaks, and it's a metallic!! Excellent work!

  2. watermellontvr1: it is!

    Danielle: yeah, I love how it looks. Have to get something similar.

    gildedangel: thank you :)

  3. That's such a beautiful shade of purple on you. I love that finish. Is it a foil or metallic? Love it!

  4. Lucy: it is metallic and thanks again!

  5. it's a Turkish brand they cost approximately 1 dollar here in Turkey. I'd suggest you to try "paris" collection, the brush and the consistency of the polishes are easier to wrok with.

  6. Golder rose are good polishes, and they are rater sheap. I have some swatshes in my blog. All of this polisher aren't very good, but some of them are really amazing.


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