Monday, September 28, 2009

OPI You Don´t Know Jacques! (Suede and normal)

My third polish from the Suede Collection. I am not sure with this one, I think it doesn´t look very nice on me. Lincoln and Suzi were much better. Anyway, it is a very nice color and even better with a top coat. I also added pictures of the original shade for you to compare.

Můj třetí lak ze Suede kolekce. U tohoto si nejsem moc jistá, myslím, že mi moc nesluší. Lincoln a Suzi byly mnohem lepší, ale přesto je to moc hezká barvička, s nadlakem ještě lepší. Přidala jsem i fotky původního odstínu pro srovnání.


  1. I think it looks beautiful on you! Your nails looks so nice and smooth. I like these both in their matte finish and with a top coat.

  2. Jezis, ten prvni lacek je nadherny a naprosto dokonaly!!!!

  3. All these suede with top coats are the best

  4. Both of these looks are lovely on you. I want to get both polishes. I'm skipping the matte. Since I have Essie's Matte About You I don't need the matte polish.

  5. Mary: thank you :)

    gildeangel: mee to, it is much better.

    Diančik: jsem ráda, že se ti líbí.

    Nail fanatic: they are, I now want Paris really bad.

    Lucy: thank you.

  6. Tak ted jsi me jen utvrdila, ze si vazne musim poridit sedy lak...vypada to naprosto uzasne:)

  7. Suzie: díky :) šedý lak se hodí vždycky.


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