Sunday, September 27, 2009

Orly Temptress

This is from the Femme Fatale Collection which is for holiday 2009. I thought that Tepmtress would be darker. It is a medium dark red a bit with brown. You can see the golden shimmer only on sunlight, otherwise it appears nearly creamy. This polish isn´t for me, I didn´t feel good in it and had to replace it after a few hours :(

Tenhle láček je z vánoční kolekce pro rok 2009 Femme Fatale. Myslela jsem, že bude o něco tmavší. Ve skutečnosti je to středně tmavá červená, trochu dohněda. Zlatavé odlesky jsou vidět jen na přímém sluníčku, jiank lak vypadá skoro krémově. Tenhle kousek není nic pro mě, necítila jsem se v něm moc dobře a po pár hodinách jsem musela přelakovat :(


  1. It looks kind of cool in the darker picture, but I've avoided this collection all together about four times, so I don't think I'll be buying any of them. This was the only color I was interested in - there are plenty of reds like this though.

  2. The collection really didn't hit me as anything special, but it is a pretty color.

  3. Nicole: You are right, it is a collection one can live without.

    gildedangel: the color is pretty, but not on me :(


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