Friday, October 16, 2009

Color Club Ultra Violet with Konad

It is purple and a neon, what else could I wish for? One of my favourite summer colors. I was in the mood for something crazy, so I put three coats of Ultra Violet and then stamped with Konad.

Je fialový a neonový, co víc bych si mohla přát? Tohle je jedna z mých nejoblíbenějších letních barviček. Chtěla jsem něco trošku ujetýho, takže jsem razítkovala Konadem na tři vrstvy Ultra Violet.


  1. I love that gorgeous violet. Lovely manicure with the stamped tips. Have a nice weekend.

  2. That is a stunning mani, I love it!!!!

  3. Very pretty color! Which image plate is that design on? Thank you!

  4. That is gorgeous on you. Love the konad stamping.

  5. The tip design reminds me of a pattern on a sweater. I love the color combination too.

  6. Charming Nails: thank you :)

    Lucy: you too Lucy!

    gildedangel: thank you!

    awesomevegan: I am sorry I didn´t write it. It is from plate M45. Love it :)

    Velvet: thank you, I really liked it too.

    paintedladyfingers: thank you.


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