Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nfu Oh 52 (+ Color Club Black)

When wearing a Nfu Oh you just can´t help yourself and have to stare at your nails all day. This one is no different. The color of the flakies changes from blue to green, depending on the angle. Here I used one coat of Nfu Oh 52 over one coat of Color Club Black. It was a stunning mani!

Když na nehtech máte lak Nfu Oh, nemůžete si pomoct a prostě musíte celý den zírat na své nehtíky. Tenhle není výjimkou. Šupinky v něm obsažené mění barvu od zelené do modré. Záleží na úhlu pohledu. Použila jsem jednu vrstvu Nfu Oh 52 přes jednu Color Club Black. Výsledek byl perfektní!


  1. OMG I *heart* Nfu Ohs!!! Your nails look lovely!!!!

  2. oo i just found your blog and i love your swatches, im a follower now :)

  3. This is GORGEOUS and I can see why you can't stop staring at it! :)

  4. gildedangel: I know what you mean :)

    beautyjudy: thank you, their polishes are really so special!

    Tiffany: I am glad you like it! Thank you :)

    Nicole: and you know how the camera just can´t capture all it´s beauty.

    Amarena: they are the best with flakies!

  5. love this!! simply gorgeous. i need to do more layering, you inspire me :)

  6. Why don't I break down and buy some of these. I don't own a one. This looks just gorgeous. I agree with Kellie, need to do more layering.


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