Thursday, October 22, 2009

OPI Glove You So Much versus Bogota Blackberry and China Glaze Short & Sassy

I got a reader request from Blancheee yesterday asking for a swatch of Glove You So Much and Bogota Blackberry. These two look quite similar in the bottles, but there is a huge difference on the nails. Bogota is much lighter and more red.
When I was doing the swatching I really wanted to show you how close Glove You So Much is to Short & Sassy. The colors are really close, but yet again China Glaze did a better job here. SS has so much depth it in the color is more rich and I like it much more than the OPI.
Glove You So Much is on my index and ring.

Včera mě Blancheee požádala o srovnání Glove You So Much a Bogota Blackberry. V lahvičkách vypadají tyhle dva laky docela podobně, ale na nehtech jsou úplně jiné. Bogota je mnohem světlejší a víc dočervena.
Když už jsem srovnávala tyhle dva, chtěla jsem vám ukázat, jak moc si jsou Glove You So Much a Short & Sassy podobné. Odstíny jsou skoro stejné, ale China Glaze je opět lepší. SS je mnohem bohatší, výraznější a jakoby hlubší odstín, proto OPI posílám dál a nechávám si Chinu.
Glove You So Much mám nalakovný na ukazováčku a prsteníčku.
OPI Glove You So Much versus OPI Bogota Blackberry:

OPI Glove You So Much versus China Glaze Short & Sassy


  1. Wow, it looks almost exactly like the CG!

  2. Ach, thank you so much for comparison a for confirming that I really have to have OPI Glove you so much :-) It´s a really nic color. Your blog is evil for me :-D

  3. gildedangel: yes, they are really close :) But still I like China more.

    Blanche: I know how much you like OPI, so yes, go for it :)

  4. Those two are very different in coloring. Same color family but one is my lighter and redder. The other is more deeper and plum colored. I have Bogota Blackberry. It's my oldest OPI.

  5. Thank you so much for the swatches. I was about to buy glove you so much online because all of my Ulta stores are sold out, but now i don't have to. I can just go to my sallys and get short and sassy adn save money too. thanks :)

  6. my god you got beautiful nails!


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