Monday, October 12, 2009

OPI Holiday Glow

I had really high expectations with this shade and that is the problem :( It is not so nice as I thought it would be. I mean it is a nice shade, but it is just too brownish for me, I hoped it would be a bit on the purple side when I saw the promo pictures. Brown is not the right shade for me, I don´t feel good in it. This one needs three coats to hide the nail line. Despite my disappointment I think a lot of people will love this one, because it is unique.

Na tenhle odstín jsem se hodně těšila a to se mi trošku vymstilo :( Čekala jsem, že bude mnohem hezčí, než ve skutečnosti je. Je na můj vkus moc dohněda, podle prvních promo fotek jsem čekala odstín trošku víc dofialkova. Hnědá opravdu není nic pro mě, nesluší mi. Pro plné krytí jsou potřeba tři vrstvy. Přestože já jsem z něj zklamaná, myslím, že se bude hodně lidem líbit, je to jedinečný odstín.


  1. Wow I think this color looks amazing on you! And hopefully me too lol :)

  2. I don't know how you can paint your nails that perfectly but I'm impressed ^^

  3. I do like that color on you, but I am the same way with browns so I understand why you don't like the color as much.

  4. It's a strange color...But's exceptionnal..It's beautiful!
    I want this shade !!!!! ^^ I love it!

  5. I'm really curious to see this polish in person. I've had this one on my list to get. I was hoping it would more purple too. Your application is flawless as usual,simply beautiful.

  6. Kae: I can´t think of a polish that wouldn´t look nice on you :)

    Carine: thank you! It is about ten years of practise. My first attepmts had more polish on the hand than on the nail :)

    gildedangel: yeah...brown is not my color :( I had to take it off and go purple! :D

    Juicy Nails: it really is unique. I am sure you will love it, if you don´t mind a bit od brown.

    Velvet: thank you darling :) Glad I wasn´t the only one who saw more purple.

  7. I really think that this special shade looks good with your skin tone. your fingers looks feminine and elegant in this shade of nail polish - but it still got an edge :-)
    but - if you don't feel comfortable with it, I'm sure you'll find many other great shades to wear :-)

  8. It's gorgeous! It's one of the colors that attracted my eyes from the holiday collection.

  9. Beautiful shade on you. I just don't think of this as a holiday color. Still this is one I have to get.


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