Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OPI Shim-merry Chic

Wearing this polish is like having Christmas on your nails :) This polish has flakies and small glitter of different colors (gold, teal, green, purple..). It is totally unique. I have three coats. Edit: the sun came out, so the last pic is on sun.

Tenhle kousek je jako mít Vánoce nalakované na nehtech :) Obsahuje šupinky a třpytečky různých barev (zlaté, tyrkysové, zelené, fialové..). Je unikátní. Mám tři vrstvy. Na chvíli vylezlo i sluníčko, takže poslední fotka na něm.


  1. That's a pretty and unique shade! I really need to get busy and try out some of these!

  2. Well, I do not like this shade, it is really strange colour.

  3. I love this color.Great on you...
    I don't have this shade.

  4. Mary: I am sure they will look great on you, can´t wait to see your swatches :)

    Yarisse: strange it is :) I am not sure if it goes right with my skin tone, but it is so unique!

    Juicy Nails: thank you :)

    gildednagel: thanks!

  5. Oh i think that will look so nice with a matte topcoat.. loove it :D

  6. I love love LOVE this!! ooooh! I'm sure I've said it every time I comment but, um, your nails are so gorgeous!!

  7. it's a great color. I love how it looks on you :-)
    I send you e-mail to let you know I got your Dior polish :-) and allready posted it in my blog - thanks again! you made me very happy :-)))))

  8. hun check this out: hugs!!! rhain

  9. Don't you just love the flakies???

  10. Love it! I'm wanting this polish. I can't wait to get!

  11. rijaH: great idea, must try that next time :)

    beautyjudy: that is so sweet from you, thank you!

    Inbal: great! I am so happy :)

    rhaindropz: thanks

    Nail Fanatic: sure I do, there is never enough of flakies .)

    Velvet: I am sure you will love it in reality too .)

    Amarena: thank you.

  12. This is one that I'm definitely getting. I doubt if I'll get all of the reds. I think I have enough reds.


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