Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Orly Golden Halo (+ Konad)

You know I don´t wear light shades very often, but this one is special. It is a light golden purple duochrome. And as long as there is purple, I love it :) This polish makes your hands look very neat. I have three coats, but two would be ok. The drying time is awful! I didn´t put Seche and even after two hours the polish wasn´t dry (look at my pinky). Couldn´t resist using my favourite Konad plate M57 with Color Club Wild At Heart.

Už jste si asi všimli, že světlé odstíny laků moc nenosím, tenhle je ale výjimečný. Je to jemně zlatavý odstín s fialovými odlesky. A když je aspoň trošku dofialova, jsem spokojená :) S tímhle odstínem vypadají ruce krásně upraveně a jemně. Mám tři vrstvy, ale myslím, že dvě by klidně stačily. Pozor ale na schnutí! Ani po dvou hodinách (bez Seche) mi nezaschnul úplně (viz. malíček). Nakonec jsem neodolala a ještě ho orazítkovala svou nejoblíbenější Konad destičkou M57 a Color Club Wild At Heart.


  1. I have the same problem with drying time of my Golden Halo and Super Natural (I thought it was my "luck"). Even with Seche it (2 coats!) takes a couple of hours to dry! I tried not using a top coat once, and it took around 4 hours to dry to the "mild touch" only, and I still managed to get a couple of scratches afterward! Weird! It's a gorgeous colour though. It looks lilac in the bottle, but appears golden on the tips. Pretty!

  2. I'm like you, I prefer the darker color but this one is really nice. But 2 hours to dry is bad.

  3. looks great! too bad for drying though

  4. I like that color, especially with that Konad!

  5. That polish looks great on you! It reminds me some no name polish I had when I was about 15 years old :-) That´s a nostalgic flashback, I like that color.

  6. That reminds me SO much of Rescue Beauty Lounge Moxie. And I bet it was half the price too! -_-

  7. PoweLifterChic: it is :) love it too

    HeavenNRJ: oh no, even with seche? :( Don´t tell me. I really like this shade but I don´t know what to do about the drying time.

    Hotaru: yeah, dark colors are the best, but ometimes one just needs something light :)

    Charming Nails: me too, I don´t have much Orly polishes, but this one is really nice.

    KONADomania: the drying time sucks :(

    thriszha: thank you sweetie!

    gildedangel: thank you, I love the Konad plate M57!

    Blancheee:Nice :) But I am sure that your older polish dried better than this :D

    Nail Fanatic: it was just three dollars, I think RBL polishes are much more expensive.

  8. i love this. your konad ideas are so original!!

  9. That's very pretty. I like the design being slanted. Very pretty nails.

  10. I have just discovered your blog and I've follen in love with it. I would like to know something: where in the world can I buy this color (ORLY golden halo)? I cannot find it and I love love love this color. Thank you.

  11. Vilcis: hi, I think I bought it on transdesign :)


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