Thursday, December 10, 2009

China Glaze 2030

I love China Glaze and I love polishes that only need one coat. This one is both, so I love it too :) 2030 is from the Khrome collection. It is a a beutiful neutral gold chrome. Looks good even with white skin. And the pictures are only one! coat. Now isn´t that just fantastic? Therefore this polish is great for stamping, as I have already shown you here and here. Oh and today my new fauxnad arrived, so I just did a quick try :)

Zbožňuju China Glaze a zbožňuju laky, které kryjí už v první vrstvě. No a tenhle je obojí, takže jsem z něj nadšená taky :) 2030 je z Khrome kolekce. Je to moc pěkná neutrální zlatá, která vypadá hezky k hodně světlé pleti. Na fotkách mám jen jednu! vrstvu. Není to úžasné? Je tedy jasné, že tenhle lak je skvělý na razítkování, což jsem vám už ukazovala tady a tady. Dneska mi taky přišly nové fauxnad destičky, tak jsem je rychle vyzkoušela :)


  1. I love 2030! and and I love the whole collection Khrome! however, even the Romantique collection collection is perfect for stamping! ... and lovely colors!

  2. gorgeous gold, and the combination with fauxnad is so festive:)

    where do you buy your fauxnad plates??:P

  3. serena_nuvola: I agree the khrome and the Romantique collection are perfect for stamping :) bzt they are beautiful polishes even on their own.

    twinsouls888: thank you.

    KONADomania: I bought these on ebay. From this seller:

  4. 2030 is a great polish, I bought him for a colleague and now I want it for me xD
    I tried it also with stamping and it works very good :)
    Your stamping is beautiful !

  5. Really nice look! Some of my Opi polishes needs three coats...Thats too much for 15 euros polish i think.

  6. This is a beautiful color and it fits your skin tone so well :-)

  7. Love it! The Konad you showed looked awesome. I have Millennium and I've been using it to stamp with but I haven't stamped over it yet. I will have to try.

  8. Ayuu: thank you :) I think you should get a bottle for yourself too, it is a great polish!

    MaijuS: that is what i don´t like about OPI...most of their older polishes need about three coats and I don´t have patience for that :(

    Tuli: thank you, I really liked it on me :)

    Mighty Lambchop: Yes! Millenium and 2030 are now my favourite stamping polishes.

    Ange-Marie: thank you :)

  9. That is a gorgeous color, I'll bet that it is fantastic for Konading!

  10. I love that manicure. Very pretty. Looks like fabric from the Renaissance.


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