Saturday, December 26, 2009

China Glaze Hi-Tek

The second golden polish from the Khrome collection. This one is a bit cooler than 2030 and there is a little bit of pink in it. And again, this is a great polish for stamping. On the pictures I used only one coat and it covered perfetly!

Druhá zlatá z Khrome kolekce. Tato je trochu chladnější než 2030 a je v ní i kapička růžový. Stejně jako celá tato kolekce, i tenhle lak je perfektní na razítkování. Na fotkách mám jen jednu vrstvu, která sama o sobě kryla perfektně!


  1. I'm so glad that I ordered this yesterday, the colour looks amazing!

  2. It's a lovely shade, not a big fan of polishes with that finish though

  3. i'm in love with gold nail polishes, and i think this color is just perfect =)

  4. Saila: great choice, it is really a very pretty color :)

    Kelly: I understand, but these are really easy to apply.

    Camila: I didn´t have any golden until the Khrome polishes. I love them :)

  5. OO this one looks amazing on you! So smooth too!

  6. Nail Fanatic: it looks like foli...I love the finish.

    gildedangel: it sure is!


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