Thursday, December 3, 2009

Color Club Wild At Heart with Konad

Once and again I wanted something purple. This time I played with the konad a bit more and did it two colored (using China Glaze Millenium and Harmony). The base color is one coat of Color Club Wild At Heart. Too bad, there is no sun and you can´t see, how beautiful it is :(

Opět jsem měla chuť na něco fialového. Tentokrát jsem si trošku víc vyhrála s konad razítkováním, které jsem udělala dvoubarevné (s použitím China Glaze Millenium a Harmony). Podkladová barva je jedna vrstva Color Club Wild At Heart. Škoda, že nesvítí sluníčko, víc by vyniklo, jaká je to nádhera :(


  1. this is pretty... ohhh.. that CG millenium really drives me

  2. This mani is AMAZING !!! You're so talented :-)

  3. Absolutely stunning manicure! I have all these three colors but haven't tried them on yet :-o Maybe I'll copy your idea someday... but hey I don't have that konad-plate...yet... ;-)

  4. this is fantastic! Love how you used two colors for the stamp :)

  5. Tenhle motiv razítkování je můj hodně oblíbený a tobě opravdu moc sluší! :-)

  6. Love this! The pattern is also great.

  7. WOW!
    Thank you so much for this, I just got Wild at Heart yesterday and needed inspiration for how I could use it :D

  8. Such gorgeous colors and great Konad application. I like how it matches the background and color scheme of your website. :-)

  9. You have to take some pictures when theres sun out.. I think its even more amazing in the sunlight :D

  10. thriszha: I love Millenium, it is so great to Konad with :)

    Maestra: thank you!

    Tuli: oh, thank you. I still feel like a beginner in stamping

    Amabile: I am sure this combo would look great with other Konad designs too :) I am sure you will do great!

    PowerLifterChic: thank you :)

    gildednagel: glad you like it.

    Charming Nails: mee too, I had it three days on.

    Caitlin: I was scared it would be hard, but it was really easy .)

    viennettka: to jo, je to asi můj nejoblíbenější na celý nehet, co konad má.

    PerryPie: this pattern is one of my favourites, I love it.

    Leanne: wow, that is great. I just love this polish so much, even alone. i am sure you will like it too.

    Katie: oh yeah, I am the purple maniac!

    rijaH: I sure will. Next time the sun shows :)

  11. i think this is my favorite konad design ever! i don't konad really haha cuz i'm rubbish at it, but if i ever get into it i NEED this plate!

    you have created a tremendously gorgeous look here. i adore the colors you used!! amazing <3

  12. kelliegonzo: if you have trouble with konad, get this plate. It is so easy to use and this particualr desing is mistake proof :) I am glad you like this, sometimes I am scared if I don´t use purple too often.

  13. I am madly in love with this konadicure!!

  14. Wow, the purple and silver looks gorgeous!

  15. what image plate is this?:)


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