Monday, December 28, 2009

Color Club With Abandon

My last untried polish from the Wild at heart collection, which I loved so much. This one needs three coats for full coverage. It has a black base filled with bronzey glitter. I love the way this one looks in sunlight.

Můj poslední nevyzkoušený lak z kolekce Wild at heart, kterou jsem si zamilovala. Tenhle lak potřebuje tři vrstvy pro plné krytí. Základní barva je černá a v ní jsou bronzové třpytečky. Nejvíc se mi líbí na sluníčku.


  1. Oh how I regret buying wild and willing instead of that one! it looks fantastic in the first pic in the sunshine :)

  2. chocaddict: to prevent something like this I bought the whole collection :D

  3. I love With Abandon. I really want Wild At Heart too! Great polishes. =)

  4. I bought the whole collection. They are all gorgeous.

  5. That colour is gorgeous. Love how it looks in the sunlight, very sparkly :)

  6. What a stunning color; I love the sparkle!

  7. What a great color ! All the collection looks pretty, I think I want it :D

  8. kelsealaurel: Oh I love Wild at heart, one of my favourite polishes!

    Lucy: you did a good thing, this collection is worth it :)

    Kelly: me too, I love it in the sunlight, loks great!

    Stephanie: you´d better get it :)

    gildedangel: me too! It is beautiful :)

    Ayuu: you can´t go wrong with any polish from this collection, I love them all.


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