Monday, December 14, 2009

OPI Smitten With Mittens versus China Glaze Ruby Pumps versus Color Club Ruby Slippers

I know a lot of you out there want to see these swatched together, so I am posting a picture of a fellow nail polish addict Leo. She gave me the permision to share this comparison with you. It is perfect. Hope this helps. My favourite is OPI and I think I will wear it on Christmas.

Vím, že spousta z vás by chtěla tyhle laky vidět nalakované vedle sebe. Krásně se je povedlo nafotit jedné spolulakovací závislačce Leo. Moc jí děkuju, že můžu fotku použít a ukázat vám tohle srovnání. Snad vám to pomůže. Mým favoritem je teda OPI a asi ho budu mít i na Vánoce.

95 Color Club Ruby Slippers
96 China Glaze Ruby Pumps
97 OPI Smitten with mittens (
my pictures)


  1. the color club one looks like it's more rough and not that smooth as the other two polishes...

  2. thanks for charing this with us!as I don't have OPI, ruby pumps will be just fine;)

  3. Great comparison, I didn't realize that these were all so similar in color!

  4. amusedPolish: yes it does. But I don´t have that one myself.

    KONADomania: this was just to show that if you have one of these, you don´t need the other. So you are just perfect with Ruby Pumps :)

    gildedangel: I knew that OPI and China Glaze were, but didn´t know Color Club has a similar color too :)

  5. Fialko, Color Club je od annie, kruh je uzavřen :-) Leo

  6. I'd originally bought Smitten because the bottle looked like it had gold glitter, something that Ruby pumps didn;t. But it didn't show up. I totally regret buying Smitten. =(

  7. Glad you compared these. I do have two now I might skip the Smitten With Mittens.


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