Thursday, January 7, 2010

OPI Baby It’s "Coal" Outside (with CND Amethyst Sparkle)

It is freezing outside so I thought this polish would be appropriate :) I love the name of this one. This polish is a beautiful black with silverish glitter. It needs just two coats. I added one coat of CND Amethyst Sparkle and it looks even better :)

Venku mrzne, tak jsem vytáhla tenhle lak, s tak příznačným názvem :) Je to krásná výrazný černá se stříbrnýma mikrotřpytečkama a stačí pouze dvě vrstvy. Ještě jsem ho vylepšila jednou vrstvou CND Amethyst Sparkle :)

+ CND Amethyst Sparkle


  1. I love both Manicures. Too bad it's discontinued :(

  2. It sure is "Coal" outside. I'm just glad heat is included in my rent! Love that polish on you. I don't own this but I think there's another polish that supposed to look like this.

  3. I love the name! And it is very cold outside here too :(. The CND polishes are very cool, they totally change the look of the polish.

  4. amusedPolish: I didn´t even know that :(

    Thess: thank you :)

    Lucy: I just came home, totally frozen! Now I am drinking tea and it is better :) What about Orly Goth? I think that might be simmilar.

    Ange-Marie: me too :)

  5. It looks great by itself and with CND. Gorgeous!

  6. This is such a great shade of clack and it looks so good with the CND on your perfect nails ! I hope it will get warmer at your place soon :-)

  7. That combination looks fantastic!!!

  8. Tohle mi příjde, jako dobrý kompromis pro ty co chtějí černý lak, ale trochu se bojí. Tak třeba já. :) S těma třpytečkama mi to nepříjde tak tvrdé. Výborný tip. Díky. ;)

  9. I forgot to mention that the opi one is discontinued,i think CND are still producing it...

  10. nihrida: I also like both looks :)

    Tuli: thank you for the compliment :) It started snowing heavily today.

    gildedangel: thank you, glad you like it!

    Veru: taky myslím, že to není tak tvrdý, jako čistě černý lak :)

    amusedPolish: thanks for the info!


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