Friday, January 8, 2010

OPI DS Extravagance with Konad

This is my only! DS polish. I really need to get some more as these are aweome. They have the wide OPI brush and they are holographic. I think that this time the konad design suits it well. It is from plate M63.

Můj jediný! lak ze série DS. Budu si muset ještě nějaké pořídit, protože jsou opravdu nádherné. Mají širší OPI štěteček a jsou holografické. Tentokrát jsem snad orazítkovala tak, aby se to hodilo. Vzor je z destičky M63.


  1. Cool!
    Very cool job! Love it!

  2. What a wonderful color ! The Konad design is nice, too :)

  3. Tak to je ÚŽASNÉ!! Lak je krásný... Sakra, teď jsi mě nalákala, abych si ho taky koupila :)))
    Filko, ty, ty!!

  4. Ááááááááááááácch,fialková dokonalost

  5. wow! another gorgeous colour, great combination with konad <3

  6. Thess: I am glad you like it. I am really pleased with the way this turned out :)

    Ayuu: thanks! Extravagance is a beautiful polish.

    An: no já vím, jsem hrozná. Tenhle lak je ale opravdu dokonalý! :)

    snbbibi: děkujíí a nezapadni ve sněhu!

    KONADomania: thank you darling I am glad you like it :)

  7. ooo I love that! The OPI polish is gorgeous!

  8. Extravagance is one of my favorites! It even made my 2009 top 20 =) For sure get more DSs, they are all very cool, some are more holo than others but they all have great depth & vibrant color.

  9. Looks amazing!
    I am going to have to copy your combination... then again I think Extravagance is still in my untrieds! How can THAT be??? Must be remedied soon =P

  10. I really do love this polish! your nails look great :)

  11. This is beautiful. You're kotd's are always so pretty

  12. This is my only DS color as well! And I love! This mani is absoloutly GORGEOUS, i love the konad!

  13. nuf
    Tak tohle je vážně nádhera!

  14. Fialko, dokonalost! Fialková je úžasná a vzor to nádherně umocňujě. Krása.

  15. it's beautiful and i love your blog

  16. Kirsten: thank you :)

    Kelly: I know, I must get some more..

    Colette: no wonder it is in your top 20, it is so beautiful. Kept staring on my nails all the time.

    Claudia: you must try it soon and no problem with doing the same. I am glad I can be an inspiration :) really glad you like it.

    Eava: thank you, but it is because of the polish :)

    Ange-Marie: thank you, I always try in on paper first to see what the reslut will be

    gildedangel: thanks!

    Caitlin: funny that we chose the same DS :)

    ainos2: thank you!

    pascale: I am glad you like it!

    Nienna: thank you for the nice word. I am blushing, so many nice comments.

    hitomi: thank you

    nuf: díky, jsem ráda, že se líbí :)

    Veruli2: ten vzor je perfektní, navíc se dá použít i na delší nehtíky a přechod není poznat.

  17. hello! I only just realised I've followed your blog for some time but never commented.. I really enjoy reading your posts: your pictures are so clear, and I love the posts on makeup too! you have such pretty eyes! (uh, crazy fan right over here, lol!) I should stop before I go too crazy with the compliments, lol! Your blog is lovely!

  18. Annelie: hi there! It is always so nice to read that someone likes my work :) I mean I really apreciate the feedback. I hope it is ok if I sometiomes post polish unrelated stuff. Thank you again and if there is anything you would like to see just drop me a line!

  19. that's definitely okay! Like I said, I love the posts on makeup too! :)


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