Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am back...did you miss me? :)

Hello, my dear readers! I am back from my two weeks long vacation. I am sure a lot of you din´t even see I was away because I had some posts that posted automatically, hope you liked them :) I really missed you all any my nail polish and now I am all ready to blog again. So you will get your regular dose of pictures starting tommorow. I still didn´t catch up news from the polish world so feel free to let me know what is new in the comments bellow. I have no nail pictures from you today, I just want to show you some Pilgrim jewelery I got myself  :)

Zdravím všechny čtenáře! Už jsem zpátky ze své čtrnáctidenní dovolené. Spousta z vás si možná ani nevšimla, že jsem pryč. Měla jsem pro vás naplánované automatické příspěvky, doufám, že se vám líbily :) Moc jste mi všichni chyběli, taky my chyběly moje laky a blogování, na které se moc těším. Dnes žádné nehtíky nebudou, jen se jdu pochlubit s Pilgrim bižuterií, co jsem si přivezla :)


  1. That bracelet is lovely! I love the colors in all the pieces you bought.

  2. Oh wow, I love those. Particularly the green set. Oh, and I have a giveaway going on my blog. Loooots of purple. So check it out.

  3. And question, how do you do automatic posts?

  4. Welcome back, sweetie. I am glad you have returned safe from your travels. The jewelry you chose is lovely. I admire the pendant with the crystal drop. <3

  5. at the risk of seeming uninformed and stupid...what is "Pilgrim" jewelry and where can I find it? I love the necklace and well, I love it all!
    Welcome back!

  6. Ano, moc si nám chyběla, vítej zpátky :). Pilgrim vypadá skvěle.

  7. SeeingSunshine: thank you. I bought three of them, you can make a neclace of them :)

    Cara: thank you. Pilgrim makes really nice things.

    PerryPie: Purple! Oh wow, thanks for letting me know :)
    You can do automatic posts with the new editor, not the old one.

    nihrida: thank you, hope everyting is ok with you :*

    paintedladyfingers: I love that set too...the whole collection is great. Wish i had more money :)

    Rhea: oh yes! Lots of nail polish to come.

    Shaim: thank you, that is so nice of you!

    Elizabeth: don´t worry, I didn´t know Pilgrim until like two years ago :) It is a danish brand and they make really nice things. Just have a look at I buy mine in Denmark, it is cheapest there.

    Day: díky díky! :) Stejně jsi mě hezky nakazila!

  8. Beautiful jewelry!
    No news, exept the Essie Wedding Collection, but you probably already knew that. Later today I'm posting swatches and comparisons of the Hong Kong Collection.
    Hope you had a nice vacation. ;)

  9. Nice jewelry you got :D Hope you had a nice trip despite the shitty weather we had here :(

  10. WizardsOfBling: thank you! I love them too :)

    laquermaniac: thank you for letting me know. i didn´t see the pictures yet.

    rijaH: I had a great time, the weather was ok, not so bad as in my country :)


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