Friday, February 19, 2010

I missed my Konad :)

I  missed my Konad, so today I did this: one coat of Color Club Emerald Depths and then one coat of China Glaze Watermelon Rind. Then I stamped with China Glaze Millenium using image plate M50. I really like the way this turned out :)

Konad razítka mi moc chyběly, takže jsem dnes lakovala takhle: jedna vrstva Color Club Emerald Depths, na ni další vrstva China Glaze Watermelon Rind. Razítkovala jsem lakem China Glaze Millenium pomocí destičky M50. S výsledkem jsem moc spokojená :)


  1. Tak tomuhle říkám nádhera! A vítej zpátky ;)

  2. That is awesome!
    The color, the konad... =O

  3. I love it! The color and the stamp are really awesome!

  4. Elishebet

    Fakt nádherné!

  5. Great konad! It almost looks like bubbles of foam on the pretty!

  6. AYD: this is really beautiful combination! I envy you that the teal and blue colours suit you so great :) lucisek

  7. Yarisse: děkuju za pochvalu i za přivítání :)

    Day: díky!

    Thess: glad you like the combo.

    WizardsOfBling: thanks!

    lilouann: thank you. I love these colors together :)

    Elis: děkuju :)

    yardsticks: I wouldn´t think of that, but now that you said it yes! It really looks like that :)

    gildedangel: thank you.

    laquermaniac: I am glad that I dodn´t forget how to work with my konad :)

    Lucy: you don´t have to be. You have red and I am jealous about how good it looks on you :)

  8. That's cute ! I like it a lot :)

  9. WOW. you are amazing! Your polishing and your designs are "off the hinges". "Where in the world is Carmen Santiago". I mean where in the world are all the fly folks who do nails like you do!!! stamps? plate#? Just amazing


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