Friday, March 5, 2010

Illamasqua Boo! Pantomime Nail Duo

Heaven for any purple lover like me! This is a limited edition and consists of a polish and a glitter top coat. Boo! is the top coat and look great in the bottle, but even better on the purple polish Babtiste which is a red based purple with shimmer (reminds me of China Glaze Let´s Groove). Too bad these aren´t mine, I would love to have them.

Ráj pro jakéhokoliv fialového maniaka, jako jsem já! Jedná se o limitovanou edici, ve které je lak a třpytkový nadlak. Boo!, nadlak, vypadá perfektně už v lahvičce, na laku ale ještě líp. Babtiste je v základu červená fialka s odlesky (připomíná mi China Glaze Let´s Groove). Jen škoda, že nejsou moje.


Babtiste + Boo!


  1. Oh WOW! That is stunning!
    Love it... =)

  2. Babtiste is just gorgeous!! Looks so good on you. Hopefully I'll have it someday too.

    I tagged you on my blog :-)

  3. I almost ordered these ones, but something stopped me. I thought they were way bluer. But the do look great together. :)

  4. I prefer without the glitter, but it's damn pretty on you, gorgeous polish :)
    "Heaven for any purple lover" ^^

  5. Purple glitter one is lovely!

  6. I'm in love with that kind of colours ! Babtiste is wonderful, and it looks also great with Boo !

  7. Baptiste je dokonalý, rozhodně ho potřebuju!

  8. Thess: me too, I was staring at my nails for a looooong time :)

    Amabile: oh, lucky you! And thanks for the tag :)

    sonidlo: to je, škoda, že tak drahá :(

    laquermanic: I don´t think they are too blue. But I understand, that it is difficult to decide if you can´t see them in reality and have just pictures on the net.

    Kyosuke: glad you like it! I really love purple, I fell like a fish in water with purple :)

    Lucy: it is beautiful, but not alone :)

    Ayuu: I agree. This is exactly what I like :)

    viennettka: chtěla jsem udělat to srovnání s Let´s Groove, ale nestihla jsem to :(

    Tassa: thank you

  9. I'm in love with all the purples polishes that i see. And this one is very beautiful and shining!

  10. I've got babtise and now I wish I've got boo to layer it over *runs off to add to wishlist* :P

  11. The finished product looks like a purple version of Essies Starry Starry Night :) AWESOME!

  12. Jsem hned věděla, že ti bude slušet a moc.
    Mimochodem, nikdo tě nenutil vracet ho tak brzy :-))).

  13. Ah wow the last picture with Baptiste and Boo, amazing :D Love it!

  14. Nice polishes but I know how much these babies cost and I think they are too expensive for what they are.

  15. Babstiste + Boo! I don' t believe in what i see...beutiful polish....really love the color!!! Where can i buy it? On SVK??? NO WAY!!! arrrrgggghhhh


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