Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sally Hansen Mint Sprint

Mint Sprint is from the new collection for spring 2010. It is a mint green creme. I did a little comparison for you with Orly Gumdrop, which is more lighter and more on the blue side. I was really surprised about the brush, which is flat and wide so it was a bit hard to work. Which one do you like more? :)

Mint Sprint je z nové jarní kolekce pro rok 2010 a veze se po módní vlně podobných barviček. Udělala jsem pro vás srovnání s Orly Gumdrp, který je ale světlejší a trošku víc domodra. Byla jsem docela překvapená štětečkem, který je tlustý a široký, takže se s ním trošku hůř pracovalo. Tak který se vám líbí víc? :)

Sally Hansen Mint Sprint versus Orly Gumdrop


  1. Mě se moc líbí ten Sally Hansen

  2. Super barvičky. Mě se víc ale líbí ta světlejší..

  3. sonidlo: úplně ho na tobě vidím, moc by ti slušel :)

    Luczis: mě asi taky...Gumdrop je srdcovka :)

  4. Mně se taky víc líbí ten od Sally Hansen.

  5. I love them! Nice swatches. I need Orly Gumdrop!

  6. I loved both of them. But right now I'm more in love with the green tone of sally hansen!

  7. Great comparison, I love those colors!

  8. I'm wearing Mint Sprint right now :D
    I want to get Gumdrop too though, it's so pretty :]

  9. I really love both of these colors - but I hate that Insta Dri brush! It's very hard to work with.

  10. the colors are beautiful i love them. ^v^

  11. Gorgeous colours, both of them

  12. Za mě vítězí Orly, Sally je moc zelená...

  13. I like Mint Sprint more, the other is too pastel-colored for my skin tone. I like the solid color Insta-Dri colors for Konad-ing. I don't care for the brushes, though.

    While on the SH polish topic, I found 2 SH nail color collections for $2 each at Big Lots. The kind with five 0.13 fl oz bottles in each collection. One had Lacquer Shine colors and the other Xtreme Wear. And they aren't colors available in the regular sized bottles!

    Oh and have you tried the Insta-Dri #17 Mochachino?


  14. Perfect application and gorgeous color. You know how to pick 'em!

  15. I like them both, with a little preference for Gumdrop ^^

  16. Yarisse: zajímavý, tak u tebe bych čekala ten gumdrop :)

    Rebie: that is a polish lover! :)

    Gina: you sure do! Gumdrop is my favourite :)

    Cah_nossovicio: I am sure that for green lovers it will be really perfect.

    gildedangel: hey thanks! Hope it helped.

    technopathetic: hey, that is fun :)

    Nicole: you are right, the bursh isn´t very good. So hard to work with.

    citrus-bloom: glad you like my post :)

    Cali369: thank you..

    viennettka: moje slova! Přesně tak to cítím :)

    jenb: oh great idea, I must try it for Konad too :) And lucky you, what a great deal! I am jealous. And I haven´t tried Mochachino..SH is hard to get in my country, so my stock is limited :(

    Laura: actually I got this one in a swap :) But still thank you for your nice words

    Ayuu: me too .) Gumdrop is a bit better.

  17. ooo...can't wait to get this one!


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