Saturday, March 13, 2010

Zoya Reece (Reverie Collection 2010)

This is my second favourite shade from the Reverie Collection. Beautiful pink with golden and green iridescence. Too bad I can´t show you how great this looks in sunlight. Guess I will have to reswatch it. I don´t have a similar pink in my collection, so I am really glad I got it :)

Můj druhý nejoblíbenější odstín z kolekce Reverie. Krásná růžová se zlatou a zelenou perletí. Škoda jen, že nesvítilo sluníčko, perleť by lépe vynikla. Podobný odstín ve své sbírce laků nemám, takže jsem moc ráda, že jsem si ho pořídila :)


  1. Oh WOW!
    That color looks stunning on you!
    Perfect application! <3

  2. looks like chg strawberry fields, but shimmery instead of glittery. lovely =)``

  3. Lovely photos, just the same! ♥ This is the one I think I love the most, judging by all the swatches I've seen. It's really a beautiful shade.

  4. it's just so wonderful i love it!

  5. Ok, I'm in love! I thought the reverie collection was nothing special, until you started swatching them :-D

  6. it's so beautiful! love it on you! :-)

  7. Thess: thank you, I love pinks like this :)

    Charming Nails: me toto :)

    Trincess: you are right, I might actually make a comparison of these two. Thanks for the idea!

    Nicole: I agree, one of the best from this collection. Although I am really curious about the others too.

    Tamara: thank you.

    Rebie: I agree, really very pretty.

    Rhea: oh yes! :)

    Michele: oh thank you, that is so nice of you! I would love to see some of them on your nails.

    Inbaluly: thank you :)

  8. I don't like pinks that much, but this one is amazing! :-D

  9. opět perfektní fotečky, výběr láčku a super nehty !!!
    nedokážu si představit jak krásné musí být když na ně dopadají sluneční paprsky, asi by mi spadla čelist ;-)

  10. Argh I have this on order and have been waiting nearly 3 weeks for it to arrive, the suspense is killing me!

  11. So incredibly gorgeous! Love this collection.

  12. Wow, this color is stunning ! I love the pink base shade, and the reflects are wonderful !


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