Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chanel Intermezzo

From the fall 2009 collection comes this white milky polish with pink shimmer. I have three coats and the nail line is still visible. One of the reasons why I am not a big fan of this polish. It is nothing special and a bit streaky. Not worth the price for me, but I am sure the sheer lovers out there will like it :)

Z podzimní kolekce roku 2009 je tenhle mléčně bílý lak s růžovými odlesky. Na fotkách mám tři vrstvy a pořád ještě prosvítá. To je i jeden z důvodů proč z tohodle laku nejsem moc nadšená. Nepřijde mi nijak extra úžasný a navíc ještě pruhuje. Jsem si ale jistá, že vyznavačky podobných laků budou slintat blahem :)


  1. even though it's kind of sheer, your nails look fantastic!

  2. Vypadá nádherně, jen škoda, že prosvítá ;)

  3. I actually like this color, but I do not think is so special to cost what it costs.

  4. Wow, very pretty. Not to mention your nails look soo beautiful!

  5. If this were a cream or a jelly, I'd be ALL over it!

  6. This is beautiful! So clean.

  7. I love it on you, it looks great. But then again...this is what a lot of cheap 'white-ish' polishes look like. Milky and sheer. I would never pay more than 4 bucks on this kind of polish. =)

  8. This looks like you are a billionaire's wife. ;)

    By the way, would you please comment on whether your nails are acrylic or real? They are just so long and perfect, I always wonder. :)

  9. Blusherine: thank you...I am really not a sheer lover.

    Kyosuke: thanks :)

    Kamilla: on by asi na krátkých nehtech vypadal úplně jinak, ale přece ty svoje kvůli tomu neopižlám :D

    Cah_nossovicio: thats exactly what i think too :) Chanel has some great polishes, but this one is not worth it.

    Lafye!: oh thank you. It is true that the polish made them look "clean" or how to describe it.

    FitterTwit: I would love it as a cream.

    Asami: thank you :)

    nihrida: thats my point, just not worth the money. I am sure I could find something like this at essie etc.

    Ashwini: hey thanks :) too bad I aint. My nails are reall, I actually never had acrylics in my whole life.

  10. Pretty, but not horribly unique and definitely not worth the price.

  11. Very pretty, but I wouldn't pay so much for such a color :)


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