Friday, April 23, 2010

Color Club Warhol (Poptastic Collection 2010)

Another really bright neon polish for this summer. Nothing special, but if you like neon pinks like me, you will like this one too :) I have three coats and of course a clear top coat, as this dries matte.

Další výrazná neonka na letošní léto. Nic uchvacujícího a co by tady už předtím nebylo, ale jestli podobné láčky máte rádi, bude se vám líbit i tento :) Mám tři vrstvy a samozřejmě nechybí ani bezbarvý nadlak, protože zasychá matný.


  1. I love neons :) VERY BEAUTIFUL picture and gorgeous polish too!

  2. This is an outstanding pink! It sure makes a statement!

  3. I love it, really gorgeous !

  4. Brooke: hey neon lover, i am one too .) can´t wait for summer!

    Helena: thank you

    StardustStephanie: I agree, very nice.

    Ayuu: glad you like it.

  5. Nice pink, perfect for "by the pool"!

  6. See, this is why Color Club is the GREATEST polish ever! They've got those neons DOWN! This is a must have!


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