Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring... so colorful! Just look at the colors, makes you want them as nail polish :) Looks like nail polish is getting on my brain. tak barevný! Člověk by všechny ty barvičky chtěl jako laky na nehty :) Už mi hrabe...


  1. Vážně?
    č.1 Chanel Splendeur
    č.2 Orly Blushing bud a China glaze Happy go lucky
    č.3 China hlaze grape pop a CND effect jako nadlak
    č.4 China glaze Heli Yum

  2. I love flowers! Those are real beauties.


  3. Well, having as serious highfever as I do, I am not enjoying all the beauty of the spring that much, but I have to admit that these pivtures are really amazing.

  4. Mighty Lambchop: thank you :)

    Day: ty nikdy nezklameš! Super!!! :)

    Laura: I also love flowers, I really suffer in the winter..

    Yarisse: oh dear, sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon and that my pictures at least cheer you up!

  5. Beautiful! I wish we had that color here! We're getting there! Soon it will be gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous! Petals are like nature's ruffles. <3

  7. I love that wonderful colors !
    Your pics are gorgeous :)


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