Monday, April 26, 2010

Where should I buy my polishes? :(

I am so fed up :( I am a nail polish blogger and a big addict, you all know that. I love to buy nail polish. First I used to go to then they stopped shipping China Glaze internationally, so I started to shop at Looks like this will end too. They used to ship using flat rate envelopes and boxes, with which you could still get a good price on the polish. Now that is over. I really don´t know where to go next :( Nail polish in my country is really expensive ( OPI costs 17 dollars) and I don´t print money. Any sponsors?

Jsem pěkně naštvaná :( Bloguju o lacích na nehty a taky jsem jim pěkně propadla, to všichni víte. A moc ráda je nakupuju. Nejdřív jsem chodila na, pak ale přestali posílat China Glaze mimo USA, tak jsem začala nakupovat na Tomu už je ale také konec. Výhodné balíčky už nadále nejsou v jejich nabídce a nakupovat laky přes ně se už nevyplatí. Teď už opravdu nevím kde nakupovat. U nás jsou laky předražené a v zahraničí nám to víc a víc komplikují. Nějací sponzoři?


  1. I'm so dissapointed if transdesing is seriously not shipping in flat rate boxes anymore! It was the only place with moderate shipping fees. I guess that leaves us with 8ty8beauty, but I haven't had the best experiences with them before.

    How did you find out Transdesign took down flat rate boxes? Because apparently at some point they weren't up on the site at all, but they made a comeback soon after that again.

  2. I'm not really surprised, although it really really really sucks. TD is doing shady business, since apparently it's not allowed to sell OPI online, which I do find ridiculous because a bottle costs around 18/19 dollars here.
    TD has gotten a lot of attention through bloggers and MUA and other mssgboards lately and to be honest I was just waiting for something like this to happen. :-(

    Where do I go now :-(

  3. S: same here, I didn´t hear very good things about 8ty8beauty :(
    A few days ago I reccomended TD to a friend of mine and she had this problem, they didn´t want to ship using flat rate box. I also read about it on another blog ( so looks like she was not the only one with problems :(

  4. And they weren't allowed to ship nail polish and such to all countries to begin with . bummed out.

  5. Michele: you are right, I knew this would come, but also hoped there is a chance it doesn´t. I just don´t want to look at pictures on other blogs of all the beautiful polishes from the USA, I want them on my nails!!!

  6. Oh i know! I'm so sad, i was just planning on doing an order which I had been putting off for a while, and now i regret not doing it sooner. So jealous of all the lucky americans ;-)

  7. Michele: so sad to hear that :( I wish starts shipping internationally. That would be great.

  8. okay, thanks for the info. Stupid transdesing. I just ordered from them about two weeks ago with no problems. This sucks though, one OPI costs here almost 16 euros so yes, it is way too expensive.

  9. I use eBay for my polishes as they're really expensive here too. These are my favourite 2 sellers and xx

  10. I've just had the same problem! I was making an order from and it said to email for the international shipping quote, so i did. I got a reply saying that they weren't shipping internationally for a while because of a huge backlog of orders. So i went to Transdesign where i'd seen previously they do the flat rate boxes, but in the checkout it said it would be $47 to ship about 4 polishes! :O But then at another point in the site they still mention the flat rate boxes. I sent them an email asking about it but no answer so far :(

  11. Really?! This can't be true. Maybe they have a backlog of orders so aren't shipping internationally temporarily (like 8ty8)? I hope it't not the case since I only ordered from TD. OPI is $20 in Australia:( I guess I will have to pay ebay prices too.

  12. VNS did ship to Canada for a bit (I managed to get an order through) but they also stopped that now, very recently. You're right, now we have no where to get polish from

  13. As a blogger, I'm not exactly freaking out. But as a junkie. I'm already going into withdrawal. Where are we going to get our polish now? *Cries*

  14. I'm thinking about starting up a store after all of this going on. I'll keep you posted.

  15. Well, I'm not a nail polish pro, but I really wanted to try out OPI and CG recently because we don't have these here, so I researched a while and finally placed an international order at They don't have EVERY color, but a pretty good selection I think. I did order 6 polishes which came to $14.99 which I think was rather OK.

    Unfortunately the order took about 4 weeks to arrive, but I'm fairly sure that's because my post office managed to screw up the mailing process (said it was a false address when it was 100% right on the package). Anyway, because of this I emailed the owner 2 times and the response times were quick and always friendly.

    Sooo, you might want to check out this store. Just checked their International Shipping rates:

    Shipping outside United States/ International:
    1 bottle of nail polish = $4.99
    up to 3 = $ 9.99
    up to 6 = $14.99
    up to 10 = $19.99
    up to 12 = $23.99
    up to 24 = $34.99
    up to 30 = $40.99
    up to 40 = $43.99
    up to 80 = $64.99

    LOVE you blog btw! :)

  16. 14.99 = shipping (not to confused with the total of the price/polish) :)

  17. Huh? WTH? Just when I convinced my dad to order online, this happens, how much is TD charging now?

  18. Nailetc is good BUT slow. I got notification of my package being shipped but, when two weeks later, it hadn't arrived, I emailed them. I was told that the initial shipping date was incorrect and that it had gone out that day. Then, when I actually received the package, the shipping date printed on it was a further week after they told me it was sent out.

    So a simple purchase took a horrendous four weeks from start to finish.

    I am SO disappointed by Transdesign. I'm going to get my brother, who lives in Boston, to start collecting packages for me and forwarding them on. He's not reliable but I don't want to pay those postage fees. :-(

    A big lose for all the international nail bloggers.

  19. I'm so frustrated, just as you are.
    We're out of e-tailer options I guess, unless we start going to the smaller ones.
    There's always eBay, but I liked the low prices and flat rate boxes TD used to offer.
    Grrr, it's so unfair to us internationals!
    If someone comes up with a reasonably reliable seller with reasonable prices and shipping rates, please share. :(

  20. try this:
    Fast shipping!

  21. My orders from TD just arrived yesterday. I ordered them 2 weeks ago, shipped via flat rate. I'm really happy with TD, and was happy with Head2Toe too. I love CG more than any other brands... now we can't get anymore cheap polish!

  22. S: same here :( I can´t stop buying polishes, but i dan´t want them to cost me more than they already do too.

    Lydia: thanks for the links, I also have a ebay seller, but still TD was cheaper.

    Dollface: I think I will stick with ebay.

    Lillian Funny Face: let me know if this all is just for a whiole, but I am afraid it isn´t :(

    Millie: I hope the same, ebay will be our last chance. Why does the polish have to be so expensive outside the US :(

    Halifax: it would be great if VNS shipped internationally for a reasonable price. They would get so much costumers!

    PerryPie: true true, the junkie in me is screaming!

    Laura: wow! That sounds great :) Let me know when you do!

    Irina: thanks for the tip and writing me the shipping rates. Will browse trough the store and see what they have :) Glad you like my blog *blushes*

    Rhea: the price is really 40 dollars for a few bottles. Really not worth it.

    Jackie: oh my, I don´t want slow. I hate to wait for my polishes. My dream is to walk to a store in my country and find the latest collections of OPI, China Glaze and others for reasonable prices. But that is just a dream :(

    Flavia: you are right,it really is not easy to be an internationall polish junkie. Hope someone sees a chance to make profit and starts shipping internationally.

    Kristine: thanks!

    roxkitty: oh lucky you, I haven´t ordered for ages!

  23. Trans Design has been the fastest and most reliable etailer, in my experience. But $47 plus for shipping??! No way. And I don't think it's TDs fault, I think they just got caught up with international laws.
    This really sucks. Living in Norway, it's like living in the outskirts of sivilization nail polish wise, and I know a lot of you are too.

  24. I'm really sad too I wanted to order OPI shrek. OPI cost way to much here.

  25. I'm buying my china glaze from ebay. It is as expensive as at transdesign sometimes...

  26. Ooooh I envy you Americans sooo much. I'm not only polish junkie but also makeup and fashion junkie and everything is wayyyy too cheaper in the US.
    I'm wondering maybe some new TD-like e-tailer with reasonable prices could make profit....but I don't know the law about shipping the flammables definitely this is not TD's fault. They would be against themselves, I'm sure there are tons of customers all over the world.

    I think for now I will solve this inconvenience by shopping on ebay. I found this store: Prices are good, shipping rates are not that bad.


    they offer free postage for orders over 70 pounds =)

  28. Mě to také dost mrzí. Sice si laky nekupuji moc často, ale právě jsem se chystala objednat. Transdesign měl nejnižší ceny produktů i poštovného, nejrychlejší dodání a nejlepší servis.

  29. Here's an option, move to the US. No no, I'm kidding. I really wish I could help all you ladies out. =( I couldn't imagine not being able to buy those polishes. Makes me want to go hug my polish drawers just thinking about it.

  30. Ahh I feel your pain. I'm from Puerto Rico, we are US citizens but nope, can't ship precious nail polish to us. 8ty8beauty does ship here but now they don't sell OPI anymore. :(

  31. Hello,

    OPI by us is 9,5 dollars, Essie: 6,75 and Orly around 9 dollars.
    They can be bought in the capital, all of them and you live close to us. :)
    If there is something you really want I can send it to you, or i can check whether the online shops send it - although even inside the country that takes time...


    There is a page selling CG too in my hometown, but the page is still under construction so about that i dont know anything.


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