Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ciaté Burlesque

My second Ciaté polish is an opposite of the first one. While Refresher is a very light clean spring color, Burlesque is a dark vampy. It falls in the same category of dark purple cremes as Orly Wild Wisteria or OPI Siberian Nights but is a tad darker. It is almost black. While I like the color, I still think it is not that special. The formula was great on this one, you could go just with one coat, I used two. And again...I LOVE the bottle!

* the product(s) in this post were sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company


  1. I like it because it's purple but I agree with you it's not a special colour.

  2. I thought Siberian Night, seems almost the dame for me. Anf I must agree wuith you bottle is exceptional.

  3. I have ciate in gold and really like it.. it blend easily and not streaky.. thanks for reviewing this color.. review moooreee..!! =)

  4. Lolitadewdrop: I still like it...I m such a sucker for purples :)

    Day: so sweet :)

    Tann: what is the name of that golden shade?
    I would love to do more, but this is all I have. But you can write to Ciaté to send me more :D haha

  5. Wow, I'm wearing a colour that is so similar just now! (I posted it on my blog :)) I think Ciaté's bottles are very unique and appealing. =D Who wouldn't like them, right?

  6. Taky musím souhlasit, ty lahvičky jsou prostě úúúúžasné!

  7. ciate has a lot of purples, burlesque is not my favorite but fashionista sister with its metallic finish and very slight duochrome effect is a real beauty.

  8. Tiana: you are right, the color is similar :) I haven´t tried any Essence polishes...guess I should.

    Tassa: thanks.

    viennettka: jsou slaďoučké! Musím ještě nějaký láčky vyzoušet, dva jsou málo.

    anonymous: thanks for the tip, it looks amazing! :)

  9. No super, teď jsem si přečetla svůj komentář, ehm ať žije klávesnice mininotebooku, 4 překleply ... Mno, jdu se zahrabat.

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  11. Pretty, but not worth Ciate price!


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