Monday, May 10, 2010

Nfu Oh 63

I wear this polish when I am in the mood for a light pink but don´t want it to be too much boring :) This is a super holo! It shines so much, I think my camera was scared of it and didn´t capture its full beauty. I have it for some time now and everytime I wear it, I say to myself, that I have to buy the other Nfu Ohs too. And then I always forget to do so...



  1. This one is stunning ! It reminds me of China Glaze How About a Tumble which I really love - do you know if they are similar ?

  2. Gorgeous! I always THINK about buying Nfu Ohs but then I never do; you're inspiring me, though...

  3. Really pretty and not boring at all. The holo makes it an almost delicate pink.

  4. Nfu Ohs are so gorgeous ! I love this holo. I need to get my hand on some of them :)

  5. shoutingwind: thank you :)

    Tuli: I don´t have that one right now, but had it before an the Nfu Oh is more holo.

    Diana: thank you.

    Stephanie: I always say to myself that they are too expensive. Then I wear them and think it is worth it :)

    Megan Harmeyer: I am so curious abot the light blue one they have.

    nihrida: thank you hun <3 Nice to read this from someone whos nails I admire!

    Ayuu: I wish i had all the Nfu Ohs *runs to rob a bank*

  6. Fialí, to je nádhera. A tomu, že foťák nezachytil láček ve své plné kráse, se ani nechce věřit. :)

  7. this looks so pretty and feminine!


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