Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nubar Pink Elegance not elegant at all. I mean who comes up with these names? :) Apart from the name, the color is lovely. A super bright hot pink with blue sheen. Too bad this polish is runny, you need three coats for full coverage. Not a must have, I think there are polishes like this with a better formula.


  1. Yup, I agree about the name.. :D I'd say it's hot pink too. It's soo bright! I think I'm going blind... And it looks amazing! <3<3<3 I like the picture very much. :D

  2. Fun colour but not elegant.

  3. Pretty pink Nubar :) nice picture!

  4. It's still a gorgeous color - too bad about the runny bits tho as I really like Nubar.

  5. Love the pink.. it will suits my pink lipstick! haaahaa.. =D

  6. Helena: it sure does, so bright!

    Tiana: thank you :) It looks great on the nails, too bad about the formula.

    Rebie: thank you :)

    jaljen: I also think, that elegant colors look different.

    Charming Nails: thank you.

    Michelle: glad you like it.

    Lacquer: if I wouldn´t be so lazy about three coats.

    Ayuu: thank you hun :)

    Tann: oh yes! I also have a lipstick like this.

  7. Whouaaa, perfect for this summer :)nice pink

  8. Lak se mi sice moc nelíbí, nicméně nové velké fotky jsou super! :-)

  9. It may not be very elegant (I agree with you there it - doesn't really say 'classy' to me at all) but it sure is pretty!

  10. I LOVVVVVE this lacquer but I think I LOVVVVVVE the photo more. You have such beautiful nails.

  11. Too bad it's runny; great color, love your swatches!

  12. Seriously...what camera do you use?!? Your shots are AMAZING!!!! I can FEEL the electricity of this pink! Nice!

  13. I can't see the blue sheen, but that color is beautiful!

  14. Saori: for summer, it is perfect!

    Tassa: it sure is :)

    viennettka: děkuju, jsem ráda, že se mi povedlo foky trošku vylepšit.

    Lisa: I love the color, just wish it would be a bit more opaque

    Jackie: thank you dear, i like the length, that I have now too :)

    Ping: thank you. Love your avatar!

    FitterTwit: my camera is nothing special. it is Panasonic DMC-TZ4. Hope this helps.

    icitea: I can see it more in the bottle, but even on the nails it show a bit.


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