Saturday, May 15, 2010

Orly In The Navy Collection Preview

Are you a fan of the nautical look? Well Orly has something just for you :) Have a look at the new collection. I am very curious about the new blue, it looks perfect! This collection launches in June. What about you, are you interested in any of these?

Orly says: "The nautical look, entirely in vogue for Spring and Summer 2010, is hitting stores nationwide spanning every department from fashion to accessories and beauty. The trend dominated the runways, providing chic inspiration for shows ranging from the avant-garde Dolce and Gabbana to the classically elegant Michael Kors. Now, ORLY presents its interpretation with a new Nail Lacquer Collection aptly named In The Navy. The collection offers the most fashionable way to polish off this fresh look – from your hands to your feet."

Star Spangled, a glittery red shine
White Tips, a creamy white
New! Royal Navy, a sparkly royal navy blue reminiscent of sparkling waters


  1. They look nice!!!
    I read in one of your posts that you used to order from head2toe beauty. How much do they charge for international shipping of 12-13 bottles of polish?

  2. Rhea: Oh my, I haven´t ordered from there so looong. I have no idea how much they charge. But I know they tell you, if you ask them :)

  3. The red and blue look really nice! I don't need more than one white though, haha. :)

  4. These look so pretty! Love that it's glitter red and blue. Nautical themed stuff can be so cute when done right!

  5. I am a sucker for nautical themes but I'll wait to see swatches. I just feel like I've already seen these somewhere, ya know?

  6. Hmmm...the red and the blue look nice. If you want a white, I'd say go with OPI Alpine Snow. Orly White Tips is awfully thick and hard to apply well.

  7. Asami: I still haven´t found my perfect white, maybe this will be the one :)

    chelle: agree! I am so curious about the blue, looks so nice!

    lOverlada: they might looks simmilar like the Stars and stripes collection from last year :)

    Anonymous: thanks for the tip! :)


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