Monday, May 24, 2010

We Are The Champions!

Those who follow me on twitter already know I am a big fan of the Czech ice hockey team. Yesterday we have returned to the top of the hockey world. We beat the Russians and got gold medals after five years of waiting! So suprisingly today my nails are in the colors of the Czech flag. What about you? Do you watch ice hockey? Do you know any Czech players? .)


  1. congratulations!
    they are the same colors as the dutch flag

    my give away:

  2. I've done nothing more than watching ice hockey on the tv the last 2½ weeks :D
    I was rooting on you guys yesterday, even though you beat us in the semis (Sweden).

  3. Yay! When I saw this in the blogger reader I was huh, what, Dutch flag? But I guess I wasn't that awake since the Dutch flag is red white and blue. ;)

    I like this mani, the colours combine well!

  4. Congrats! I'm a huge fan of hockey so I'm familiar with a lot of Czech players.One of my favourites,Dominik Hasek retired a few years ago. Detroit hasn't been the same since.

  5. you nailed it: thank you :) and yes, the colors are the same.

    Kajsa: I was glad you got at least the bronze. it was a great match against you :)

    rmcandlelight: thank you...I like it just simple like this.

    Michelle: I was thinking about doing the whole czech flag on one nail, but it would be too much, I like it like this more :)

    Pinkginger: Dominik Hasek actually still plays in my country. He is fantastic!

  6. Congrats! What white did you use?

  7. What colors are these? I'd love to use the blue for my Memorial Day mani this weekend!

  8. Congratulations.
    I was cheering for motherland Russia, but I am still glad Czech's won, they were my other favourite. Oo I do know Jaromir Jagr <3

  9. I love almost all kind of manis involving a different color on each nail, like graduation manis, and this one is no exception, really love it *_* And you wear it so nicely, I seriously love your nails & fingers <3

    Next one, a rainbow mani *_* <3 ^^

  10. Congratz!

  11. yay congrats for your team! lovely nails :D

  12. Piff: the white is Misa heaven White :)

    Scandalous: sorry for not writing it. The blue is Illamasqua Force, red is L.A. Girl Cherries Jubilee

    Katjuska: thank you. it was a great match, you were very hard to win against.

    Kyosuke: oh i know you do .) I will make that rainbow for you one day :)

    zuzu: thank you!

    kelliegonzo: thank you hun :)

  13. Kdo neskáče není Čech. Hop, hop, hop!!! Fialko, ty jsi asi moc neskákala, když máš tak krásně nalakováno. :o) A jinak..jj znám spoustu našich hokejistů. :D

  14. I was rooting for your team too as you eliminated us (Finland). Thought Czech team was really good and they played well together, also Jagr is always great! :)

    Have to say I'm almost glad that those games are over now, it felt like I didn't get anything done as I had to watch hockey all the time :D

  15. Ha, I had the same manicure as you :-) I´m also big fan of hockey (or I totally was on Sunday...) and also I met a few girls with this colours on nails.

  16. Yeah, I'm very happy we got the bronze. But damn, you can't even imagine how angry I was when you guys scored with 8 sec. to go in the semis :DDD
    Yes, saw red..I wanted to kill. Crazy how a simple hockey game can make you :>

  17. Congrats to the Czech team. I heard the cheers the other night from my neighbours when I was in bed with a horrible migraine.

    I'm not a fan of ice hockey. Have been to a game before but it's not really my thing. The only game that I don't mind going is soccer match. I'm a Slavia fan *lol*


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