Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Barielle High Steppin' Collection 2010 - Swatches and Review

I am a bit late with the Barielle summer collection for this year but better late than never :) This is my first experience with Barielle polishes and I was very curious about them. In the past this brand created some gorgeous shades and this collection is no exception. It is a collection consisting of six polishes from light to dark, the finishes are also different....frost, metallic and glitter.
The idea behind the collection:
Celebrity Manicurist Elle says, "When creating this collection, we wanted to pump up the volume on nail hues. Inspired by bright summer whites, we injected some high-voltage color into any look from bikini to boardwalk."

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox), I think that this way they are the most color accurate and that is what we all want, don´t we? :)

Wow! I have never seen a more beautiful blue. This is a master piece in terms of color...deep blue with teal glitter. The downside is the formula of this one, it is thick and gloopy. But nothing that a few drops of thinner can´t handle. Two coats. I really love this one and from what I read on other blogs this is a winner for most people.

This is a light pinkish frost. On the picture, you can see brush strokes but they are not that visible. I used three coats but if you have short nails, two will be just fine. This is not a wow shade but still nice for work or other occasions, when your nails have to be a bit less noticeable.

This year mint greens are a big trend. Barielle comes with something a bit different making it a frost with silver glitter, which is very fine and small. I love this shade, it looks so fresh and original. Didn´t see something like this anywhere else. The formula on this one was just fine, three coats.

I am always happy when a collection has a purple and this one has. And what a beautiful one! I really like the shade, very deep and highly pigmented metallic grape purple. The polish is a bit thick and leaves brushstrokes. Still I like it so much, I think it goes well with my skin tone.

A foil silver, great for summer! I don´t have any other foil silver polishes to compare with but I like it. It was easy to apply, I have three coats and even the removing was quick.

Another big trend this year - taupe. Barielle made the most beautiful taupe I have seen so far by adding shimmer. The shimmer is very subtle and the polish looks so chic. This is two coats, application was flawless.

My final thoughts? I really like that the collection is full of different colors and finishes, this way everyone can choose something. I also like that there are some special shades like Electric Boogie or Freestyle, I love those and the purple too of course! The downside is the thickness of some of them but as I said that can be solved with a thinner.
The collection is already available at Barielle, each polish retails for $8.00.

P.S. a BIG thank to Kellie for helping me with these. You are a sweetheart! <3

What do you think about the High Steppin' Collection?
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  1. I have Boogie and Belly Dance. Just got them this morning. So looking forward to BD. Should have got Night Moves though...
    They just had a BOGOF in the UK and it may still be on if you check the website.

  2. Belly Dance, Night Moves and Electric Boogie were my favourites :)

  3. I have not gotten any yet, but considering the mint green, silver and the taupe ones.

  4. I haven't gotten any, but that purple is pretty. I wish it wasn't quite so frosty, though.

  5. Yay! the fisrt blu is stunning!!

    i like the last one too..

  6. oooh you make them look so good! i think the purple looks amaaaazing on you!

  7. jaljen: wow, thanks for letting me know! That is a great deal :)

    SaintBella: I like those too, very pretty.

    Bunny Masseuse: the mint green is really special. Love it.

    Megan: I understand you, but is is very pretty. I don´t mind it being frosty :)

    Laetitia: thank you .)

  8. kelliegonzo: thank you! I am glad you think that, because I really loved the purple on me :)

  9. Stunning colours. The last one seems to be a good dupe for Chanel Particulière. :D


  10. Boze Fiali, cela kolekce je naprosto uzasna!!! ... a opet precizne nalakovano..ty mas snad kamennou ruku nebo co :D

  11. I'm especially loving Belly Dance! Mmmm ;)

  12. the allure house: I was thinking about how simmilar these are :)

    Lucisek: Luci, moc děkuju za pochvalu :) Všechno je to jen praxe...se mrkni na moje první fotky na fóru, hrůza děs :D

    Jo: I like that one too :) Now I have a ful mani with the blue one.

  13. Fialí, tak fialka ti mooooc sluší. Určitě ti jde k pleti. ;o) Jen je škoda, že tak pruhuje. Ale jestli to ve skutečnosti nejde ani poznat, tak super. Jo a ještě se mi hodně líbí NIGHT MOVES. To jsou zase lákadla. :o)


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