Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gabriella Salvete 117

Two days ago I bought this polish from a czech drustore brand. I mean, I just couldn´t leave it there. It looked like holo awesomeness in the bottle (detail on the left picture)! Sadly not on the nail :( It looks like black with silver glitter. I am not very happy with this polish. The surface is rough and you can´t see the holo much. Too bad...

Because I just wanted something holographic I added a bit of Nfu Oh 63. This was real quick, I am sure if you take your time you can make beautiful designs with it :)


  1. wow soo cool design! i like this. its like world cup theme :D

  2. Too bad of the polish on the nail! And your pinky looks like a ghost haha

  3. I hate when polishes don't meet your expectation! You did a nice save with the Nfu Oh design (even if it is rushed).

  4. ipehishere: wow :) that didn´t come on my mind. Fun!

    Michelle: now I see it too :) haha

    Thriszha: thank you

    Tassa: thanks!

    Megan: I hate it too :( But sometimes you get the opposite...the polish is even better thn in the bottle. I love that!

  5. Jee, tak jsi mi ušetřila peníze, jsem ho dnes zkoumala v drogerce, v lahvičce vypadá naprosto luxusně, kdybych neviděla tvoji recenzi, určo bych ho koupila....

  6. I got mine one today...n dont expect it will be holo polish...not enuf glitter in it...Sarka


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