Friday, June 25, 2010

OPI Summer Flutter Collection 2010 - Swatches and Review

Today I have for you a cute little summer collection from OPI. The weather outside is just right for these shades, so lets have a look at them.

OPI says: OPI is all "aflutter" this summer with four new lacquer shades inspired by the brilliance and whimsy of butterflies!
"These sizzling pinks, orange, and turquoise look amazing against summer skin," says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. "And whether you pair them with flip flops and your favorite bikini or a slinky mini with high-heeled sandals, they add a burst of exotic, tropical color to your style!"

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

A beautiful bright pink with silver shimmer. Reminds me of ice cream. Just a perfect shade for summer. Application was flawless, three coats.

Super bright orange creme. I am not much an orange person but after trying OPI Hot & Spicy I am starting to fall in love. And now I have this beauty here. Also very pretty, screaming summer is here :) Three coats and flawless aplication.

Love the color and idea of this one. Sadly it isn´t opaque even after three coats. I will try layering it in my next post. Still I have to say that this polish pretty and unique.

I saved the best for the end. LOVE this! It is such a beautiful mermaid color. And so perfect for summer, I will be taking this one on my holidays for sure. Three coats.

I like this collection very much. The only downside is the sheerness of Wing It! but as I said, I will try some layering experiments. The formula on all of these was just perfect. Love the OPI brush :) These are already in stores, so go and get your nails ready for summer. Oh, and the good part is that all four of these can be found in the mini set. Great for traveling!
P.S. In my next posts I will be comparing these to see if there are any dupes :) stay tuned.

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  1. I think Flower to flower is best, then comes Wing it! Bought are very beautiful and unique summer polishes!

  2. I love this collection and have them all. Your pictures are just lovely :)

  3. Charming Nails: glad you like them :) They really are very pretty.

    rmcandlelight: thank you. So happy you like my pictures :) and no wonder you like this collection.

  4. you make every color look good i swear! i did not like wing it at all, but of course, it looks amazing on your nails haha. i think flower to flower and catch me in your net were the winners from this collection :)

  5. I love Wing It! Too bad it isn't opaque even with three coats...and Catch Me in your Net reminds me of mermaids, too! So weird haha, that's what I was describing it to my mom as.

  6. Such a beautiful collection ! I want them all :-)))

    And your swatches are gorgeous !

  7. I do not like WING IT! so much as I thought I would. I think Catch me and flower are my favourite.
    Can´t wait for your layering experiments and comparisons.

  8. I really like Wing It! I have Charla and it's very similar to Catch Me In Your Net. Pretty collection.

  9. OMG! Gorgeous colors. :)

    I nominated you for Sweet Blog Award:


  10. I like this collection but the last two look too similar to stuff I already have, so I wanna check out Flit a Bit and Flower to Flower!

  11. kelliegonzo: you are a doll !Still I liked wing it on your picture :)

    Auroras Nails: funny :) but it really does look like mermaid. So pretty and so summery.

    Tuli: thank you so much dear :)

    Day: I am also very curious about how it will end up.

    Megan: I am going to compare these two in my next post :) Love them both.

    Tassa: thank you so much. That is so nice of you!

    Ashley: what is wing it simliar to? I couldn´t find anything close :) Thanks for the help.

  12. Fialko, Flower a Catch me jsou jasnymi favority, jsou to pekne barvicky a urcite ti moc slusi :) Jen u te Catch me mam pocit, ze uz mas na muj vkus na tuhle hravou a letni barvu moc dlouhe drapky. Asi je to tim, ze je to (jak pises) dovolenkova barva a ja mam leto a dovolenou spojenou s kratkymi praktictejsimi nehtiky. Nebo je to tim, ze proste ted obecne nemusim delsi a hranate nehty, ac jsem je driv taky nosila ;)

  13. This collection won't be available in Italy (as usual!) so yesterday I ordered Wing It! on Nailetc. I love that colour!
    I hope my package will arrive... When an italian girl orders on line, she has to pray and hope that someone doesn't steal or lose her package (yes, italian postal service is awful!). :(
    Anyway beautiful pics, wonderful nails and nice collection ;)

  14. Tereza: jsem ráda, že se ti barvičky líbí :) a s délkou nehtíků máš určitě pravdu, chystám se je radikálně zkrátit na dovolenou. Na fotky mám ale radši delší, nějak se mi ty krátký nelíbí. Ale je pravda, že takový drápky jsou na léto velice nepraktické.

    Cristina: oh that is a shame. It is available in my country (Czech republic). And I understand your worries about the post, our post service sucks too. I am always scared my polish will get lost.

  15. Hey,
    I awarded you with a Sweet Blog Award!

    xx ♥

  16. Hehehehe, what a coincidence, I'm giving you a Sweet blog award too! <3<3<3<3<3 You really deserve it!

    And those OPI polishes are cuuuuute! I need them! Now! :D

  17. Dnes budu tyto 4 laky taky zkoušet, tak jsem hrozně zvědavá!

  18. Wing it a Catch me in your net jsou úžasný!

  19. Ten Catch me in your net je prostě dokonalý, už týden se tu kochám jeho lahvičkou a zítra se ho chystám konečně nalakovat :-) A těším se na srovnání s Charlou!

  20. you nailed it and Tiana: oh you are sweethearts!!! Thank you so much for the award <3

    sonidlo: určitě se budou líbit, na léto jsou jak stvořené :)

    Markéta: Wing it musim ještě vychytat vrstvenim, protože na víc jak tři vrstvy nemám nervy :)

    viennettka: týden koukat na lahvičku? Bych nevydržela :)

  21. I'm loving Flower to Flower. I was considering buying the mini set of this, and now I think I will ^^

  22. You should compare Catch Me In Your Net to OPI for Sephora's Skinny Jeans. I've got it on my nails now and based on your swatch it looks like the same color to me, minus the sparkles. I'd love to see a side by side comparison.

  23. Jillian: you really should. I think the mini set is great for travel :) and cute too.

    Anonymous: I would love to compare, but I don´t have the Sephora one :( I do have Zoya Charla though and my comparison will be up in few days.

  24. They are so gorgeous on your nails ! I need them all :)


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