Wednesday, August 18, 2010

H&M Grey Sky

close-up of the shimmer
Look what I found today in my H&M! I never tried their polishes so I went to look at the stand if they have any nice colors and they did. I picked just one to try it out. The shade Grey Sky is a grey shimmer with a bit of purple. It cost me 1.5 dollars (29kč) which is not much but if you consider that it is only 3.2ml it is not cheap anymore. Anyway I think it is a nice way to try new colors. I have two coats on the pictures.
P.S. sorry about my nails...I broke one yesterday and had to file them down :)


  1. Ohh that's a nice color :) Too bad it's a tiny bottle!

  2. Love it!!!
    Too nice!!!

  3. They are adorable! I picked this one up in Germany and I love the shade :-)

  4. To je pěkná barva! Mám kontrolovat HMko, nebo jde o mport z ciziny?
    Nehty máš pořád krásné a brzy ti dorostou.
    A propos hádej co dneska přišlo :)

  5. This is really lovely! Great color :)

  6. This will be my next purchase in H&M!

  7. How was the application for you? I just recently bought it along with other two H&M minis (Blue Sky and Fresh Summer), and it was a pain, unlike the other two. I even got a bizarre looking bald spot!

    (Lovely colors, though)

  8. Wow I really like this colour!! And I like the close up pic of it, love the shimmer!! :)

  9. Hey please check out my H&M post! Hope you'll like it as much as i do!

    This grey is amazing!

  10. Ten je krásný!! Já chci taky HáEmko do té naší prdele světa :-(

  11. Shiny: I dont like the bottle too :(

    Ju R: oh thanks!

    Michelle: I loved your shopping pictures :)

    L: thank you

    Day: klidně kontroluj, koupila jsem ho na Andělu :) Balíček huráááááááááááá!

    Ping: I really like it too.

    Becky: I am sure you will love it.

    Jules: you must have got a bad bottle :( I had no trouble with mine (if I had, I would write it).

    Julie: thank you, glad you like the close-up

    Emy: thanks

    viennettka: ty jo a já měla pocit, že HM je v každý prdeli. Jestli chceš, tak ti můžu jeden koupit :)

    Ana: :)

  12. Grey shimmers are becoming more and more appealing to me as I see swatches of them.

  13. Ano prosím, to bys byla moc hodná! :-) Tos asi ještě nebyla v naší prdeli, tady je nejluxusnější obchod KIK, ten kraluje milionu vietnamských hrabáren :-D

  14. Oh! It's lovely!

  15. I love it! Beautiful color! :)

  16. don't worry you're nails look hardly changed at all :)

  17. Nail will grow back fast so don't sweat it! This shade is getting popular!

  18. Lacquer: me too, I am starting to like these colors a lot!

    viennettka: určitě při příští návštěvě na tebe budu myslet :) měli i jiný odstíny, ale tenhle mi přišel nejoriginálnější.

    Lisa: thank you

    Tassa: very pretty really :)

    Jackie: nice.

    kellie: oh you are so sweet! They grow fast so I hope they will be back in shape soon :)

    kitty: I know, I will stop complaining :)

  19. I picked this up and I am so in love with it

  20. You are apologizing for these nails??!!! They are so gorgeous!!! And just right to showcase that awesome-ist grey polish. :)

  21. Lovely! I just picked up this colour yesterday, and can't wait to wear it!

  22. Ten lak je nádhernej! A já vyloženě UPŘEDNOSTŇUJI menší laky, protože nikdy nespotřebuji celý.. Achjo, škoda jen, že je Hm tak daleko od mého města:(


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