Sunday, August 8, 2010

New from Color Club

I love Color Club. They have some really nice shades, great formula and all that for a very reasonable price. Curious about what they have for us next? Have a look...not one collection but two! Wow :)

Untamed Luxury!
Color Club pushes the limits of All-Out Glamour with Untamed Luxury. Rich colors meet superb quality for long-wearing Haute style!
Untamed Luxury is more then one collection of luxe colors it’s two collections; the Indulgence Collection and the Diamond Collection!
The ‘Indulgence Collection’ includes Pretty in Platinum, Wild Orchid, Positively Posh, Soft as Cashmere, Nothing by Truffle, Jewel of a Girl and Ready to Royal. The ‘Diamond Collection’ includes De-Luxe-Icious, Miss Hautee, Red Velvet, Untamed Luxury, Resort to Red, Snakeskin and Covered in Diamonds. ‘Covered in Diamonds’ is our luxury topcoat to give each shade a unique abstract design and ‘Covered in Diamonds’ flare!

The release date is August 1st!


  1. I'm really loving the tan/brown cremes and that glitter with clear base on the right of the second photo there. Can't wait for these to come out!

  2. Love that blue colour of the bottom!

  3. I love the browns very pretty for fall

  4. Neví náhodou špión, kdy je relase date? Chci snakeskin a u ostatních počkám na fotky z netu.

  5. Tassa: I can´t wait to try!

    Steelnpurple: I loved their last fall collection. I am sure I will love this one too :)

    Ping: I don´t have many browns :( need to change that!

    Becky: me too! So curious about that one!

    phunkypheark: agree, as I said, I really need to get some :)

    Day: špión se ti zeptá :) snakeskin chci taky, vypadá super!

  6. Both collection look very pretty !

  7. I seriously cannot wait for these to come out!!

  8. I see that I'm going to be snatching up most of these gems. Now if I get get my Sally's to quit stashing them in the back and get them out on the floor!!!


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