Monday, August 30, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection 2010 - Video

And as always for those of you whole like the polishes moving I have a video for you :D Hope you enjoy, the colors are just gorgeous.
If you prefer normal swatches, have a look at my review here.


  1. Krásné, asi pak neodolám so hot it berns, je prostě nádherný. Moc se mi video líbí (asi je tžké sehnat hudbu, která je volně dostupná, co?)

  2. Day: ten je must have! A s tou hudbou je to fakt těžký no...vybrat něco, co by se aspoň trošku hodilo a neporušovalo autorská práva.

  3. Perfect video! I know I'm repeating myself but you really have so beautiful nails. :) x)

    I love firstones name, If my name would be Suzi I would buy it immediately. :D

    And you applied all so perfectly, high shine, no bubbles, all compliments to you! :)

  4. OMG... I need that entire collection.


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