Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Orly Cosmic FX Collection 2010 - Swatches and Review

I love fall. One of the reasons is because you get to see one of the best collections of the year. Fall collections are right up my alley and I can´t wait for them to arrive. What did Orly come up with? Cosmic FX is a collection hard to describe in a few words. Before I share with you my final thoughts let´s have a look at some pictures:

the whole collection
Orly says: The new, limited-edition collection delivers multi-dimensional flashes of intense shimmering shine that is so electrifying your nails will explode with color! This lighting phenomenon is achieved by ORLY’s exclusive MINERAL FX technology.

The swatches are all without a base or top coat and are in natural daylight (no sun or lightbox).

My video of the collection is here.

In the bottle you see something between purple and gold mixen in black. On the nail you get mostly a beautiful dark purple but not too dark to look black. I love the sparkle. This one is beautiful but you will keep me saying this all the time with this collection.

You know how happy I am when a collection has at least one purple, right? Well this one has more! Galaxy girl is a purple with blue and green. You can see all the colors when you move your hand in different angles and it is difficult to capture on a picture.

Now look at this. This is I think my favourite of the collection. A bright blue which turns purple in some angles. What else could a nail polish lover like me want? Don´t be fooled by the bottle where it looks more purple.

Does this remind you of something? :) Well don´t worry I will do some comparisons in my later posts. For me this is the least unique color althought I love it. I call this a mermaid color and I think it will be a great fall shade too.

Golden bronze, just like the fallen leaves. This is such a fall color. It changes so nicely as you turn your hand aroung in different angles. Could watch it forever.

And this is something for the green lovers out there. A very bright green with gold. I don´t have anything like this in my collection. For me this is a very unique shade.

So this is it. My thoughts? IN LOVE! I loved the collection from the first time I saw the promo pictures and I love it even now after seeing all of them IRL. To be honest I can think of some polishes that have a similar color but not the same fleck kind of glitter. Speaking of that I kept one of them on for some hours to see how the removal will be and they went off just fine. Not like classic glitter. The formula on these was fine. I used three coats on all the swatches. Two would have been opaque enough but the third coat gave them more depth.
I think this collection is a must have. If not all of them get yourself at least some and you will not regret.
Now tell me what you think. You can leave a comment or take my poll :)

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  1. I LOVE "Space Cadet"... that will be added to my collection pronto.

  2. Ohh, lot's of dupes lol...
    But aside from that I LOVED Galaxy Girl and Space Cadet.

    I think I won't need halley's comet. And "I't's not Rocket science" really reminds me of zombie zest !

  3. I take It's not rocket science and Space cadet on Transdesign ! Beautiful !

  4. it's not rocket science is the hot one!

  5. Though there are three dupes or near-dupes, I need them all! Actually, I ordered them all yesterday lol. I think they all look lovely on you!

  6. I think I can pass on this whole collection. I'm not into glitters :(

  7. OMG, love these! I definitely need the last three ones, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be getting all six.. Thanks so much for swatching!

    When (and where) will they be available for sale?

  8. Oh, nevermind. I went with the obvious one and ordered from transdesign, got them all ;) Thanks again! :¤

  9. Thanks for great swatching. I need couple of them... :)

  10. I need out of this world! I need them all, actually, but specifically OUT of this World!

  11. Just ordered them about 15 min. ago lol
    I need some oxygen lol, these are all frikkin amazing....


  12. Wow I'm underwhelmed by these. Lots of dupey colors. Oh well, more money for me!

  13. South: that is a great it too.

    Skulda: oh yes they are!

    Sarah B.: it depends on what you like. I love the Orly formula, brush and rubberized my choice is Orly! :)

    Miss Shalyne: great choice.

    Enamel Girl: I like it a lot. It looks so great on!

    Daph: thank you. I enjoyed this collection SO much.

    milan: they are not regular glitters.

    marteamanda: I guess they are on TD at the moment only :) glad you picked yours already.

    Charming Nails: can´t wait to see them on you girl.

    Auroras Nails: I love that one.

    Diana: hope you get yours fast :)

  14. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE these, and I need them all! :-) I tried to get them on TD but they all say N/A :-( I wonder if they are sold out already?! If so, that was super fast! Is that the only place that was selling them?

  15. I love them all, but my favorite is It's Not Rocket Science. Gorgeous!

  16. OMG, I'm going crazy here!!! I'm totally inlove with the whole collection!!! I think it's perfect. And your swatches are just beautiful!!! :D

  17. I'm IN LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with Space Cadet. OMG. Cant wait!!!!

  18. OMG this collection is hum ..I can't find my words !!!!!!
    I felt in love of this collection :)

  19. Ali: oh yeah, it was really fast on TD. Hope they get new ones soon. I don´t know about any other place that has them now. I have info from Orly that these should hit stores in mid-August.

    Zara: :) it is a very pretty shade.

    Tiana: so nice to hear you like my swatches girl :)

    Mari: I know, the wait is so looong :)

    Saori: me too! I love it. There isn´t a loser.

  20. These are gorgeous! I'm glad they're lower than we were worrying about as far as price because I want them all - fabulous swatches sweetheart! ♥

  21. I love, want and need this entire collection. first time ever that I had to have all of a collection and not a select few polishes. This collection is awesome!

  22. OMG :o I want them all! Space Cadet & Galaxy Girl are must haves.

  23. Wow!!! They are amazing!


  24. Thanks for the info. :-) I had a big surprise last night! I went to Ulta to get some of OPI Swiss collection, and they had the Cosmic collection out! I couldn't believe it! I had to get one of each. :-)

  25. I love them all especially IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. Space Cadet looks similar to catch me in your net by OPI

  26. They'll be on TD again next week :)

  27. OUT OF THIS WORLD look same as Zoya Julieanne

  28. I've looked at this same collection on different blogs and I must say you make every color look good. You have beautiful hands and nails. Your pics are the best I've seen. I like It's Not Rocket Science and Space Cadet the most. Thanks for the wonderful review and pics.

  29. I will get the whole collection at christmas :-)
    I'm so happy :-)
    Nice Swatches!


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