Friday, August 6, 2010

Orly Galaxy Girl vs Urban Decay Bruise

I don´t have any other polishes in my collection that would be so similar to a polish from the new Cosmic FX collection from Orly like I showed you last time. But still I want to show you these two. Urban Decay Bruise is a discontinued polish still available on ebay for a good price. Some of you might also think of Misa Embroidered Emerald. I don´t have that one but if you go over to jellynat she made a beautiful comparison of the Misa and Urban Decay. If you like the shade but want an extra bling I recommend you go for Galaxy Girl. I love it. As you can see from my comparison these two polishes are similar in color but not in the finish. Three coats of each.
P.S. if you want to match your polish and eyeshadow go for MAC pigment in Blue Brown. It is one of my favourites!


  1. GG is blingier. I like it. Misa Embroidered is in my top five. I love it so much I barely ever use it. It's a treasure. I love all those old UDs too. Cult is outstanding.

  2. Beautiful comp! Thank you!
    I've got Bruise. I like the green in it.

  3. oh i'm so glad you did this comparison! i wish i had one or the other to do the comp. when i had GG but oh wells :) i figured someone would <3

    i love GG more every time i look at a picture of it!

  4. jaljen: I love the old UD polishes but now that I have Galaxy Girl i love this one even more :)

    Paillette: you are welcome :)

    kelliegonzo: I thought I´d make this comp as soon as I unpacked Galaxy Girl :) Love it!

  5. Nice colour (^_^)

  6. I like Galaxy Girl more, good thing too since it's easier to get a hold of. Thanks for the great comp. :-)

  7. Aaaw, thanks so mush for this comparison!
    I have Bruise and have already ordered all the Cosmix online, but it's still great to see this.
    I think I'll like GG more based on your pic.
    I like that they're alike, but not really the same.
    This means I might keep Bruise too ;)

  8. WTF? Mush? I meant MUCH ofc ;P

  9. hey
    i love your reviews
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  10. Great shade *.*
    My blog is now in English so maybe you wanna visit: :)
    You are on my blog roll. :)

  11. GG is way hotter! GREAT! When does this collection release??

  12. GG is blingier, but I actually think I like Bruise better! Thank you for the comparison...I had no idea they were so close!

  13. Lol...everytime I see these comparisons I remeber Orly saying this collection would be unique and blah blah blah...

    I do think Galaxy Girl has the most beautiful finishing out of the two. But the color is so very similar...

  14. Wow! These are as close as I figured, except Galaxy Girl being blingier. Thank you for the comparison!

  15. Pretty! I am wearing Galaxy Girl right now :)

  16. Wow! I immediately thought... Urban Decay Bruise when I saw new Orlys but I had no idea they are so close in color. Love them both <3. Thanks for the comparison :)

  17. They're really similar!! However, Bruise seems to have finer shimmer.

  18. Asami: glad I could help. I also like it more :)

    Andrea: keep Bruise and love GG too :) Like me.

    maRyya: thank you :)

    Orlica: I am on my way :)

    Jackie S.: I heard it is in Ulta already :)

    Auroras Nails: so glad i could help.

    Sarah B: oh I know but I still love the collection so much. i like the finish the polishes have.

    Nicole: I really like the bling GG has

    Jana: gorgeous isn´t it?

    Blu11: no prob :)

    Lisa: it does, GG is more shiny, love that.

  19. I wanted Galaxy Girl but I'm starting to wonder... Oh and thank you for using my comparison! <3

  20. jellynat: I hope it is ok, I loved that comparison you made :) very helpful!

  21. Thank you for your series of Orly Cosmic FX comparisons! I'm now envisioning a franken of MAC Blue Brown pigment + Orly Shine to create Orly Galaxy Girl.


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