Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore

look at the pink glitter!
Calling all the glitter addicts out there! I have something very special for you today...well ut is special for me too beacuse this is my introduction to RBL. Here is what they say about Locavore:

"How do you peruse the organic arugula at the local Farmer's Market without looking 'hippie' minus the 'chic?' With this melange of gold, silver, green and blue glitter."

I would just add one more thing. It also has pink! What a great combination of glitter. It shines like crazy. The picture is not in sun or under a lamp! I did three coats but I guess two thick could do too. Now I have to try some of their other polishes *runs to rob a bank*


  1. OMG you can polish SO perfectly!

    I'm a follower now! I love it :D

    Maybe you can follow me too?
    The address is in my name!

  2. Wow! I need to add this to my list :)

  3. This polish is stunning...I LOVE it! Let us know how it is to remove, though...haha.

  4. This is gorgeous! One day, when I have money...

  5. Tassa: oh yes, it is. Great for a night out.

    kittypolishnbags: :) it is

    Tessa: well it wasn´t that easy with this glitter one. I don´t use glitters that often. Thanks!

    Lacquer: glitter bomb is exact :)

    Jackie S.: I need some more RBL!

    Auroras Nails: well that wasn´t very much still is a glitter.

    Zara: sure :)

  6. GAAAAAAAAHHHHHH this is so gorgeous. i love it!

  7. Ten je krásnej! Já chci taky RBL :) Jo a do jaký banky míříš, abysme se tam nesrazily :)))

  8. To je hodně zajímavá barva, pevně doufám, že mu Dajánka dovolí ještě jeden výlet, abych si ho mohla taky vyzkoušet :-) Btw to je něco, co u tebe dost často postrádám - zmínku, že lak není tvůj ;-)

  9. I LOVE this manicure!!! Love it!!! Also, I just stumbled your site with Stumble Upon, yay!!! You never know, sometimes StumbleUpon will send a bunch of traffic your way if enough people give my Stumble a "thumbs up" :) Fingers crossed :)

  10. kellie: me too :)

    Mína: já mířím do té nejvetší...jinak to nejde.

    viennettka: já myslím, že dovolí. Psát koho lak je mi přišlo zbytečný, stejně je 99% lidí, co to čte, nezná.

    Jennifer: wow, thanks for that. You are so sweet! <3

  11. This is my favorite glitter polish. I got one during the 50% off sale last year and loved it so much I bought a backup at full price. It's absolute blingy madness. Whenever someone on the makeupalley nai board asks nail color to wear to Vegas, this is always my answer. (This and Misa's Dirty, Sexy, Money.)

  12. Ale tak jsem to nemyslela, nemusíš přece psát koho je, jen že není tvůj. Teda aspoň já to vnímám tak, že se nechci "chlubit cizím peřím" když mám nějaký lak půjčený a proto se snažím nikdy nezapomenout napsat, že mi nepatří... Ale asi to moc řeším, tak budeme dělat, že jsem nic takovýho nenapsala ;-)

  13. viennettka: tak to mě vůbec nenapadlo, že by to mohlo být chlubení cizím peřím :)


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