Friday, September 10, 2010

CND Inkwell

Yay, Friday at last! I hope you are not bored of my CND posts because I am not and I have another polish for you today. This time it is Inwell, a very dark ink blue creme. It is almost black. Didn´t have a color like this before this one so I am glad I have one now. On the picture I have two coats. Here it is:

And of could I resist layering it with one of the effects I have? Here is one of my favourites: Ice Blue Shimmer. I love they way it turns the dark polish. It is just amazing!

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  1. That looks so good with the Effects on top.

  2. I love Inkwell by itself, but it is amazing with Ice Blue Shimmer on top!

  3. dang that looks awesome. I need to get that effect

  4. Love Inkwell! I'm such a sucker for "almost black."

  5. I love it
    very beautıful :)
    my blog

  6. OMG, the effect is just amazing!

  7. Ta proměna díky CND je teda něco!

  8. KarenD: agree, I love this effect

    maRyya: thank you

    Megan: I like it both ways :)

    Jen: go and get it, this one is so pretty

    princessfats: well then it is exactly for you :)

    youknow: thanks

    Ivy: it is, I wear it often

    sonidlo: nádhera, viď? To byl jeden z mých prvních efektů a mám ho moc ráda.

  9. How cool is that? I love it! The blue is something I've not seen before all dark and almost black but not and the effects are awesome.

  10. love inkwell itself....
    i love dark colors polishes and that is so pretty...
    and changes the color like that??
    that is really cooool!!

  11. love your nails (=

  12. yay.. ten lak jsi neměla ukazovat.. láska na první pohled :D


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