Saturday, September 18, 2010

CND Urban Oasis versus OPI Ski Teal We Drop

Finally I bring you this comparison that a lot of you asked for. Both of these polishes were released this fall. As you can already tell from the bottles, they are different. OPI goes more blue, on the other hand CND more green. There is also a difference in opacity, you can go just with one coat on CND but you need two for OPI. The colors are so different that I think it is worth having both :)

Here is how they look with Teal Sparkle:


  1. I LOVE STWD with teal sparkle! And somehow I've got the name stuck in my head for a while... Don't know why!
    Anyway, both are a beauty.

  2. Pretty blue polishes! :


  3. Oh they're both gorgeous!
    Like STWD with the slightly greener sparkle :D
    But I think I like Urban Oasis the best,
    so I'll just stick to buying the CND set :)

    Thank you for your great comparisons!

  4. Oh wow! They look so similar! And ur pics! Im loving them more and more. Love ur

  5. OPI looks more blue, or is it just my screen resolution?

  6. Daria: teal sparkle looks amazing on all polishes I tried it with :)

    Mia: thanks

    Andrea: get the CND set, they are made for each other, I think they are great like this and thanks :)

    Nail Galore: thank you *blushing* means a lot

    shoutingwind: yes it is, I wrote it in my post :)

  7. Both pretty but I like the OPU better in both instances, probably cuase it's darker.

  8. Ow, I love both colors. Although they become very similar with Teal Sparkle, you can give that look of being holographic or something. Because their color being so similar :o
    But OPI is prettier x)

  9. They look almost identical although the OPI looks more of a 'fuller' colour. (makes sense to me)


  10. Itend to lean towards bluer tones so the OPI definitely DOES IT for me. :) Plus The pun wins me over. :)

  11. They both look great with the Teal Sparkle. =)

  12. they're both beautiful. I think that dark teals are one of my favorite shades to wear on my nails :) I think i'll be getting the OPI though and not the CND one since OPI is sold in a lot more places locally :)

  13. I like them both although I'm kind of partial to the shade of CND.

  14. Both are very pretty and the slight difference isn't that noticeable but with that teal sparkle on them I wouldn't care which combo I had lol


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